The universe sent me … dolphins

Back in 2014, when I was feeling a little down, the universe sent me a pig.

It’s pretty hard to stay miz when a squealing pig runs past you in a suburban Sydney street. It kinda startles you out of it.

Yesterday, the universe got jack of my middle-class-white-girl moping about life’s challenges and one-upped itself by sending me a pair of dolphins.

The universe is not playing fair.

How am I supposed to hold the woe-is-me line when THAT happens?

I spent last week feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself. Then Sunday rolled around and DD took me to Alf’s Bait Shop (of Home & Away fame, there were even commemorative stubby holders for sale on the shelf) at Palm Beach, where he hired a couple of kayaks so we could paddle to Resolute Beach.

Kayaking to Resolute Beach was a little arduous – my pelvis and thighs were screaming for mercy. But the pain was soooooo worth it, because Resolute Beach is pretty insanely beautiful.

After doing a few leg stretches and lower back releases on the beach … the joys of middle-aged dating … we clambered into the kayaks for the trip back to Alf’s.

About halfway across the most magical thing happened. A pair of dolphins swam under DD’s kayak and did a few twirls around it. They were literally frolicking a metre away from him.

It was one of those moments when you think This can’t be happening!

But it was!

We sat for ages watching the dolphins – one black, one grey – dive and crest and play.

It was amazing.

Finally, we paddled to shore, grabbed a coffee from The Boathouse then ventured over to the beach to ponder whether we were brave enough for a dip.

We were! The water was pretty warm compared to the air temperature, sooo ….

I can’t quite believe I went swimming in the surf at the end of June, but I did. I stood in the waves giggling at the insanity of it.

After a long, hot shower, we headed to The Mill Bar in Avalon with friends for a few glasses of wine and a couple of planks of chips and pizza.

How’s that for a lucky, lucky day?

I don’t have any photos of the dolphins, we were too bedazzled. But here are some other happy snaps …

Song of the day: Crowded House “Love this life”

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  1. “After doing a few leg stretches and lower back releases on the beach”…is that what they call it now?!! 🤔😂

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