Inexplicable lust

Like pimples, you’d think I’d have grown out of celebrity crushes by now. But no, they’re both lingering well past their use-by date. The Sprogs and I spent many hours and dollars over the weekend downloading Doctor Who episodes, specifically the Martha Jones era with David Tennant. I thought I’d gotten over David Tennant. I […]

Someone Call The Doctor

How was your Christmas Day? Ours was HUGE. Well, I felt huge after eating chocolate almonds, potato chips, cashews, turkey, roast beef, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, Waldorf salad, mixed salad, gravy, pudding, ice cream and custard. And backing up for leftovers plus an extensive cheese plate a mere four hours later. Then there were the […]

Property porn

In addition to Diet Coke, white wine, curry, David Tennant and gossip, I have another addiction – property. I’ve noticed this addiction waxes and wanes depending on my mental state. When I am calm, collected and relatively happy I can go for months without even thinking about property. When I’m an addled mess, I can spend hours every day […]