Someone Call The Doctor

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012

How was your Christmas Day? Ours was HUGE. Well, I felt huge after eating chocolate almonds, potato chips, cashews, turkey, roast beef, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, Waldorf salad, mixed salad, gravy, pudding, ice cream and custard. And backing up for leftovers plus an extensive cheese plate a mere four hours later.

Then there were the drinks: Diet Coke, white wine, red wine, champers and a bottle of 1995 Grange we got as a wedding gift 12 years ago that – dammit – should have cracked a bit sooner. A piece of muslin from the pudding had to be repurposed … from the bin … as a sieve when the cork crumbled. Yes, yes, we washed it first. But still, it didn’t seem quite fitting.

I’m not sure getting into a bubbling 35-degree spa after all that excess was the wisest decision, but it was so atmospheric watching the rain pelt down as the spa bubbled and steamed around me.

My Christmas gifts were fab – I got an iPad cover, a Peter Alexander dressing gown, boxer shorts and singlet, two ethnicky shirts and a Doctor Who boxed set.

Which brings me to the real Christmas prize … aside from all that quality time with my family … today is Doctor Who Christmas special day. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

Fortunately I’m in good company, Doctor Who T-shirts, lenticular clocks and various other branded merchandise featured in most Christmas stockings.

Sadly our Christmas tree didn’t look like this …


I have no idea how it ended up on some Internet “worst decorated tree” list, it’s awesome.

I also have no idea why I’ve developed the most ginormous crush on that new boytoy Doctor Who. I swore no one would replace David Tennant in my heart. But I went all swoony when I saw a photo of him snogging his new assistant in tonight’s episode (and it had nothing to do with spending far too long in a hot spa drinking chlorine-laced champagne).

Now it’s your turn. How was your Christmas. Come on, share.

2 thoughts on “Someone Call The Doctor

  1. What? No-one shared?! That’s a bit sad!
    I watched Dr Who, too…she’s a bit cuter than him in my view!
    Did pre-lunch drinks with the ex and the son, then drove an hour to arrive just in time to carve the turkey and roast pork, make the gravy and sit down with the Girlfriend and her extended family to the whole Xmas Day feast! Our homemade Xmas Pudding that we cooked a few days before was a HUGE success, also!
    An excellent day, lovely weather on the Peninsula and I even managed an afternoon nap!

    • Hardly anyone shares Geoff – it’s so nice to hear about other people for a change rather than just mine! The new Doctor Who assistant IS cute. But he has a bizarre charm. Not sure about them being romantic though, not really the done thing. Can you make homemade puddings a few days before? I always thought it had to be months, or is that Christmas cake? Your day sounds wonderful.

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