What’s wrong with this picture?

They say a picture paints a thousand words but sometimes it hides them instead. Take this photo of Husband and I, at a wedding we attended in Charleston, South Carolina, this time last year … Don’t we look happy? The perfect couple. Except we weren’t. The whole trip had a funny, stilted cloud over it […]

Ain’t that the truth

You know how I was in love with Heartburn earlier in the week. There’s a part I can’t get out of my head. It goes like this: “Is this inevitable, this moment when everything leads to irritation, when you become furious that he smokes, or that he coughs in the morning, or that he sheds […]

Sea of dreams

The declutter-a-thon continues … the latest room to get a joosh is the eldest’s under-the-sea themed bedroom. The eldest takes after her mother and is a terrible horder. The bags of stuff I’ve secretly tossed from her room while she’s been on holidays with her dad … HUGE. Inspiration for the bedroom came from a […]

Jump back!

I’m stepping back in time … to Sunday. It’s been so frantic that I haven’t had a chance to do it justice until now. Waving my munchkins off at 9am wasn’t bulk fun. The realisation we’d never do the road trip to the in-laws as a family again was a bit confronting. And it sucked […]

Summing up the whole mess

“Heartburn. That, it seemed to me as I lay in bed, was what I was suffering from. That summed up the whole mess: heartburn. Compound heartburn. Double-digit heartburn. Terminal heartburn. The tears poured from my eyes as I lit on the image, and the only thing that might have made it even more satisfyingly melodramatic […]

Putting things in perspective

I feel ashamed that I wrote a blog a few days ago called The worst thing DID happen, blithely unaware that someone I care about had lost their husband in an accident. I opened an email from her yesterday afternoon and my mouth literally fell open in shock. She has daughters not much older than […]

HouseGoesHollywood: 3 naked celebs, 2 sad deaths and 1 ugly lawsuit

The more things change the more they stay the same … just take the new slew of naked celeb covers that debuted this week on the stands … >> Megan Gale bared her gorgeous, 30 weeks pregnant figure on the cover of the May edition of Marie Claire Australia.   Megan confessed she felt both “liberated” […]