2 Golden Gaytime-inspired desserts (and a Katy Perry impersonator)

What is it with me and over-scheduling? Yesterday was a whirl of my mother’s birthday lunch, cooking a dinner party for seven people and then taking the kids to “The Katy Perry Show” at a local suburban club.


The Katy Perry bit was a late starter. A school mum messaged me at 8.45am and asked if the kids and I were free. I didn’t really think it through, just replied: “Sounds like fun!”

It was only afterwards that I started pondering the logistics and realised it might be regarded as slightly rude to kick my dinner party out of the house at 7pm so I could go.


Fortunately I’d offered to take my guest’s daughter with me to “The Katy Perry Show” and she’s every bit as fond of an early night as I am (especially since she’d spent the day regrouting her bathroom) so she seemed fine with it.

I served my slow-roasted lamb at breakneck speed (click here for the ever-delicious recipe). Then I scooped up slabs of Golden Gaytime ice cream pudding for dessert. It was my second Golden Gaytime inspired dessert in 24 hours as I’d made my mum a Golden Gaytime cake for her birthday the night before.

The ice-cream pudding could probably do with some finessing, I poured melted chocolate over the top which hardened in the freezer to an armour-like shell. I’d also bought Ice Magic as an alternative, but worried that I wouldn’t get the crumbled malt biscuits in place before it set. Maybe next time …

I’ll post the recipes below, but back to the Katy Perry Show.



My fellow school mums and I were a little startled by Katy Perry impersonator Betty Dargie’s first outfit (mind you, the look of open-mouthed shock on the youngest’s face was quite entertaining) – those wobbling cupcakes were quite something.

I’m not quite sure who the show is aimed at – I’m thinking 10-year-old girls and their dads simultaneously. There was a birthday party of screaming 10-year-olds with pink wigs and glow sticks clustered around the stage who thought it was totally awesome.

There weren’t many dads in attendance, or men in general, so they missed out on the Las Vegas showgirl number with a four lithe dancers high-kicking in g-strings.



I must admit I was a little anxious about the message the show was sending to the tweens in the audience. But when I turned and saw my daughter dancing her ass off up the back to “Roar” I decided it wasn’t all bad.  She had a blast.

So did the youngest, pressed against the stage with a dazzled grin on her face.

I betrayed my lack of knowledge of popular music by shouting across the table to a school mum at one point: “Is this really a hit song?”

Because most of the numbers seemed pretty … ordinary. Like something that had been written for a high school musical.

But “Firework”, “I Kissed A Girl”, “Roar” and some other one I recognised (but can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called) are pretty catchy.

Still, a fun night was had by all. Though I’m terrified to think how grouchy the kids will be today after only crawling into bed at 10.30pm last night.

Wish me luck with that … especially since the youngest just staggered out of bed at 7am … in the meantime, here are my two Golden Gaytime desserts. They were inspired by a recipe I spotted on Twitter. The moment I saw the words “Golden Gaytime dessert” they had me, but then I clicked and it was some weird concoction involving half melting Golden Gaytimes and Magnums and pressing them into pudding bowls and it just wasn’t me … but an idea was sparked.

First cab off the rank …

Recipe: Golden Gaytime cake


The youngest was in charge of this one. We bought a rectangular sponge cake from Woolies (one of those double-decked un-iced ones), froze it, then smeared caramel Top N Fill between the two cakes. We covered the lot in icing made from water, icing sugar and drinking chocolate and drizzled it over the cake. Then we crushed up a packet of Malt O Milk biscuits (in a ziplock bag with a hammer – bulk fun!) and sprinkled them over. As a final touch we inserted a paddle pop stick. Voila!

Recipe: Golden Gaytime ice cream pudding


The eldest was in charge of this one. We lined a pudding bowl with Gladwrap, then filled it with a tub of Streets Blue Ribbon 3-in-1 Caramel and Honeycomb. We returned it to the fridge to harden. Then we upended the ice-cream on a plate, melted a packet of Cadbury milk chocolate buttons and poured them over the top after they’d cooled slightly. Then we sprinkled the chocolate with crushed Malt O Milk biscuits (as per instructions above) and returned it to the freezer until it was time for dessert.

What was your favourite ice-block as a kid (I think you can guess mine)?

Song of the day: Katy Perry “Roar”


4 thoughts on “2 Golden Gaytime-inspired desserts (and a Katy Perry impersonator)

Add yours

  1. Guilty as charged your Honor…I actually bought a box of Gaytimes at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, on an impulse! Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Oh, and my favorite when I was a kid (and still is) was a Rainbow Paddle Pop. 🙂

  2. Snap. My childhood favourite was also Golden Gaytime. I remember they were 30 cents and to get one I needed to con my Dad to come to the shops…as Mum was upper limit Paddle Pop only, from her standard ‘lemonade icy pole’.

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