2 Golden Gaytime-inspired desserts (and a Katy Perry impersonator)

What is it with me and over-scheduling? Yesterday was a whirl of my mother's birthday lunch, cooking a dinner party for seven people and then taking the kids to "The Katy Perry Show" at a local suburban club.   The Katy Perry bit was a late starter. A school mum messaged me at 8.45am and... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: 3 celebrity births and guess who shagged a clown?

It was quite the week in Hollywood. OK, slight understatment there. Drew Barrymore gave birth, Tori Spelling's shaky sex life was exposed, Julia Louis Dreyfus simulated sex with a clown, Jodie Foster got married and someone got one hell of a makeover ... >> Can you guess which sexy singer has transformed herself into an... Continue Reading →

HouseGoesHollywood: guess who tweeted their baby’s circumcision?

Hot damn it never slows down in celebrity land. And this week it's all about over-sharing (which I can't really diss ... pot ... kettle ... black). From tweeting their baby's circumcision to posting videos of themselves half-naked in bed, here's what went down: >> Calvin Klein has launched a social media movement among celebrities,... Continue Reading →

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