This is what a $2400 fence looks like …

I just clickbaited you.

I teased you with a headline about my insanely expensive fence, but I didn’t show you a picture. You had to click on my blog post to see it.

Does that make you cross? Do you feel manipulated?

I’m a bit over the whole “Ermagerd! You CLICKBAITED me!” outrage thing.

My eyes rolled when Kate Spies from Mamamia wrote an article for Mumbrella stating: “2015 is the year that clickbait died. We as a network are embracing it, RIP and good riddance.”

Kate went on to diss sites that relied on ‘clicky’ headlines and social media ‘sells’ that sucked you in hard.

She used examples of clickbait such as ‘And you’ll never guess what happened next’; ‘This kid’s response will melt your heart’; ‘Kim Kardashian has given birth and chosen THE MOST adorable name’; ‘Here’s why you should never challenge an angry cat.’

“These kind of headlines, many of which you would have found across our network over the years, are created to take advantage of the audience’s curiosity gap, they must click to find the answers.”

And I say: SO WHAT? Clever them!

Is someone going to click if you say “Kim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl and call her Southerly Buster”? No, they’re not, because you’ve already told them everything you need to know.

When a celebrity calls their daughter Elsie Otter, I’m going to ask you to guess which cute furry creature she named her daughter after.

And if a celebrity gets a divorce after two years because the relationship had simply run its course, I’m going to tell you they’ve broken up for the saddest reason. Because I do think it’s freaking sad that a marriage can run its course in two years.

But people get all knickers knotted about it. They rant and rave and snark and snarl.


What about that bloody fence? I sense you thinking.

Here it is …


Well, that’s just a small chunk of it. Quite nice, I reckon. And a rather handsome gate.

I’m very happy with it, despite the astronomical cost (bumped up by the discovery of a concrete retaining wall).

It’s nice having the fur babies back too.

Although it was rather lovely having the freedom to roam while they were gone.


The other night DD and I enjoyed Whale Beach by the light of an enormous full moon.

We sat drinking Kellermeister’s Alicante Bouchet in the front seat of his car feeling very teenage, then went for a stroll.

Normally I’d be rushing back to let the dogs out for a wee, but I could take my time to dodge the waves and snap the silvery reflections on the sea.

DD took the best one, though, which I’ve used as the featured image on the blog.

Noice, huh?

OK, not the cleverest use of clickbait, but I wanted to get that photo into the post somehow, cause things will be wall-to-wall Halloween over the weekend.

Now, give it to me: how do you feel about clickbait? Does it make you twitchy? 

Song of the day: Cheap Trick “I want you to want me”





8 thoughts on “This is what a $2400 fence looks like …

Add yours

  1. Most times I don’t click because I’m generally not curious and usually time-poor. I nearly never bother watching videos that people put up either. Does that mean I’m lazy?

  2. Not for you to get a swelled head. However usually I skip a lot of those headlines because I know the content is usually some boring throw away information. With your headlines, I know that I am going to be amused or I am being given something to think about. Haha so even when you give us some trashy info, we are still being entertained. Nice moon and sea photo, too. And glad to see a wooden fence. These new metal ones create too much heat and are lacking character.

  3. I’m glad that you added that there was more to the fence than just that section – I felt you had been ripped off if you’d paid $2,400 for that !!!!!
    I will either click through if I’m interested or leave it if it doesn’t – the Kardashians can do nothing that would make me click on a link to them.
    Have a wonderful Halloween – that reminds me, better get some candy for the locals who come around our neighbourhood.

    1. It’s quite a long fence actually, about 26 metres I think, plus the gate and excavation of the unexpected concrete retaining wall. Plus fancy lap and cap … so I reckon it’s on the money. Ouch.

  4. If it’s something I think will be really juicy I get a bit disappointed. But I do it all the time. Nobody would ever read my stuff otherwise. I have one friend who only EVER reads my posts with dirty titles. She was miffed when the “Slow Sex” post turned out to be about a tortoise. I told her she should get her mind out of the gutter once in a while.

    I used to have an obsession with fences when my kids were little. It was like Fort Knox at my place back then. Noice fence.

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