DD demands a retraction


DD has been a bit huffy since I wrote that blog about our text life tapering off.

He insists we’re still at it like rabbits.

You’d think I’d sledged his manhood or something.

Last night at 10pm I got a message informing me we’d texted 120 times that day.

See, that’s how seriously he’s taking it – he COUNTED them all.

He also demanded I write a blog retraction informing my readers that I’d exaggerated the lack of texts.

And then he started sending me texts as single words to up the day’s tally.

The next one said:










Bring. It. On.

Or at least do a guest blog.

DD is a great writer. It would be fun … I think … He CAN be a bit naughty.

For example, he’s keen to meet my ex and revel in the awkwardness.

(I’m not.)

When I compared our current level of texting to when we first met, DD replied “Well that was crazy.”

Yes, it was pretty cray-cray, but it was bulk fun.

More messages flew in the dark, with him noting “texts now over 200.”

And then we finally said goodnight and went to sleep in our separate beds, 40 minutes apart.

Song of the day: Spandau Ballet “True”

16 thoughts on “DD demands a retraction

  1. Have you seen the articles about how our hands are starting to become deformed by constant mobile phone use? Extended thumb, squared palm, pre-curved fingers? Yes, it’s human evolution at work!

    Pssst…everyone is looking at their hands right now! 😂

  2. OMG – now I could imagine that many texts with my daughter but definitely not my husband – he can copy and paste the same message (which he does when he is away from home to tell me he is up and moving in the morning) but otherwise he will phone me – there is no way he’s going to be sending a text if he can phone. And most times if he can’t phone, he’ll wait until he can phone. He just doesn’t text – he doesn’t e-mail – he doesn’t FB – he doesn’t tweet – he doesn’t IG. He has absolutely no interest in SM – he doesn’t care what anyone else is doing so he doesn’t see the point in staying in touch with people who you either haven’t seen in forever or, in some cases, have never even met IRL !

      • I think that my friends who live in my computer are actually more supportive than my real life friends – maybe because we connect more often ?

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