Finally! Bedroom trapeze time

I started to feel a little swoony last night.

DD and I were on the bed, hooking the trapeze up.

Not this sort of trapeze …


We’re not that old yet.

This trapeze …


Yep, finally, there’s a swing set in the youngest’s bedroom.

I sent her a photo and she wrong back: “Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnk yoooooooooooouuuuuuu!”

Yesterday was quite the day.

At 8.30am I was at the Harbour Bridge for the Seven Bridges Walk.


Around 12.7km later, I called it quits.

My friend Emily and I decided we’d meandered far enough. My head hurt. Her legs hurt. My feet hurt.


Our more athletic teammates abandoned us around Pyrmont because we were walking too slowly. They finished the whole 27km thing. Champions!

We caught a bus home from Rozelle.

Fortuitously, DD was in the area and we decided to go to Bunnings together. He needed a new hose for his BBQ; I needed a new side gate.

We don’t do much domestic stuff so it was a bit of a novelty.

But I was HUNGRY after walking 12.7km.

DD was all for sausage sizzle at Bunnings, but I didn’t fancy a sausage on bread in a carpark on such a gorgeous day, so we went to this gloriously situated new restaurant called Foys.

It looks out over the harbour at Kirribilli. Divine.

Well, the menu and service are a bit ordinary, but you can forgive that with a view like this …


We didn’t plan on imbibing, but it was so nice sitting there that we had two glasses of rose each and didn’t feel much like Bunnings after that, but we soldiered on.

DD got his hose, but I struck out on a gate because they were all only 900mm wide and I needed a 1.2m one. Boo hiss.

Back home, DD got fixated on the swing set I’d bought the youngest for her bedroom and insisted on building it.

He fancies a bit of DIY, apparently, so his RSVP profile told me a year ago.

So we put it together using the pink tool kit my mum got me when my husband left me.

We still need to work out how to bolt it to the floor before the youngest is allowed to hang upside down on it, but it looks impressive!

So there I was on the bed, clutching a trapeze, blaming the rose for my swoony state, then I realised … I’ve had a rather big day now I come to think about it.

As usual.

But it was heaps of fun.

May there be many more to come, sans swing building (bless him).

Song of the day: INXS “The Swing”


7 thoughts on “Finally! Bedroom trapeze time

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  1. Wow – that’s a massive effort – good on you !!!!! Love the view – definitely worth the ordinary menu and service !!

  2. That sounds far enough to walk to me. Think of the calories you burnt. There are so many beautiful water views in Sydney. It’s the main thing I love about it. The youngest will be champing at the bit to try that swing out. Good luck stopping her!

    1. I’m too scared she’ll come a cropper if we don’t bolt it to the floor. It also needs a few extra bolts in the top that DD is returning with his drill to fix later in the week. But I KNOW, it will be sooooo tempting!!!

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