Privacy issues

People are funny. At some point during my house’s 80-year history, the neighbourhood decided it was so friendly no-one needed timber privacy fences. They went for those low metal ones you get in school yards instead.

Maybe they were Queenslanders. I have a mate who reckons its quite the done thing in northern climes, something to do with maximising breezes.

Well I’m not jiggy with it. I like a bit of privacy to my rear.

So, when the people to my right asked me to go halves in some lap and cap, I didn’t hesitate. Well, I did blanch slightly at the cost – fences have become freaking pricey since I got my last one in Petersham in 1998.

I was the only mug who agreed to go halves. The neighbours on the other two sides said no way Jose. Tight arses. So my neighbours are looking at a cool ten grand to do the job. Ouch.

My old fence went down yesterday and the fur babies went to Marlene the retiree dogsitter’s place for a few nights of over-feeding and indulgence.

And here’s the funny thing: I felt a bit sad when I caught the train home yesterday, knowing they wouldn’t be there to go crazy when I arrived and gaze adoringly at me (you were right, Pinky).


Though it was very nice to eat my rump steak dinner in peace and quiet.

It should have been a prime opportunity for me to trip the light fantastic, as I’m also childfree for two of the nights. But DD is busy with work. Boo hiss.

And my sister is at a Robbie Williams concert. Lucky duck.

Oh, and I’m getting my hair coloured. Sigh.

So there won’t be any major town painting while paying someone $150 to have the mutts.

Well, I did get a night walk with my mates Mel and Suse last night.

But, still, for a few hours it was VERY quiet at my place.

So I started Googling other stuff to do with my backyard when my finances improve.

I’m considering an outdoor entertaining deck with an eff-you-ex-happiness-is-to-be-found-in barbecue and a Magna spa.

Something like this except a bit funkier …


Or this …



DD was like … shouldn’t you wait until things are a bit less financially precarious?

Yes, yes, yes … I’m not doing it TOMORROW. It just gives me something to swirl around in my head like fantasy fairy floss for a few months.

Do you have a spa? Would you recommend it? 

Song of the day: Robbie Williams “Let me entertain you”



8 thoughts on “Privacy issues

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  1. I’m liking the idea of the spa. And who cares if you don’t have the money yet – you’ll know exactly what to do with it when you do get it.

  2. I think a spa is a much better idea than a pool. Much more sustainable, financially and environmentally. Love the deck. Your little dog looks like my foxy, Celine, but with a hairy head! Does he drop white hair everywhere too? He’s cute as a button, but looks a bit naughty 🙂

  3. Love those two decks. My husband would love a spa – I’ve told him when we have the money he can get one. At the rate the little house and surrounds are chewing up money, I doubt we will ever have enough money for a spa 😦

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