These pics of Chris Hemsworth will make you melt

The party poopers at work wouldn’t let me write about this yesterday, they said there was too much other stuff to cram into the schedule. Sigh! So I’m showing you the adorable pics instead. It’s a bit mad and self-indulgent, since the celebrity stuff isn’t what floats HouseGoesHome readers’ boats. But, as you know, I […]

Making the world’s most expensive granola

Remember how I stayed with my lovely permaculture friends in The Channon recently at their Air BnB cabin? And remember how they’d feed my kids brekkie every morning while I lazed around on the cabin’s verandah drinking coffee? Well, one morning they made the most delicious paleo-style granola. I’m normally quite eye-rolly at the mention […]

I want my collagen back

I can remember being very cocky – at age 34 and pre-kids – about being able to wear T-shirts without bras. I had lots and lots of collagen back then, which kept everything pointing in the right direction. I miss all that collagen. I want it back. Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives structure to […]

Pants down, hands held, hold on tight …

There have been quite a few revelations over the past week about what ACTUALLY happened in my life a year ago … when I met DD … as opposed to what I blogged was happening (see Secret Messages). This might be the strangest. DD and I had been texting each other like crazed, dopamined animals […]

Girls Night in 2015 – totally luxe

Cancer Council’s Girls Night In is the ideal reason to get your girlfriends together to celebrate friendships that matter for a cause that matters. By bringing the ladies in your life together for this special event you will be raising much needed funds to help beat women’s cancers. Your event can be as big or […]

Outgoing personality + anxious mind = me

A couple of people shared an article on my Facebook feed yesterday called “12 struggles of having an outgoing personality but an anxious mind.” It kicked off by saying: “Outgoing people with anxious minds – or minds that overthink – tend to feel anxiety the most intensely, often because we don’t talk about it. And […]

My fetish returns

I love, love, love shoes. And I’m quite fond of my feet when they’re all pedicured and glowing. I think they’re one of my best features. You wouldn’t know it to look at me because I usually schlep around in a very old pair of rabbit-chewed Converse. But in my day I had quite the […]

Dotty for DD

I discovered the joy of text a year ago. Or, as DD and I describe it, “dotting.” We call it dotting because of those little dots you get on your iPhone that let you know someone is writing a reply to your message. We love those dots. The dotting frenzy began when I sent a 6.30am […]

Learning to relax

I’ve always been rigid as a surfboard about stuff. I’m so uptight, I once had my jaw Botoxed to stop me clenching it. Things have to be done a certain way. Doing something wrong makes me steely. I’ve never had the slightest idea about how to relax. Facials, massages, shampooing at the hairdresser … I […]