My fetish returns

I love, love, love shoes.

And I’m quite fond of my feet when they’re all pedicured and glowing. I think they’re one of my best features.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me because I usually schlep around in a very old pair of rabbit-chewed Converse. But in my day I had quite the fancy collection.

That was back when all I had to do was teeter to my car and drive to my prime, inner-city parking space, then teeter across the road into the ACP Magazines building.

Back in those days, everyone teetered in the ACP building. I can remember a friend who was waiting to meet me in the lobby for lunch one day describing the passing parade as “gazelles.”

I’d be standing in the lift, looking down at the footwear on women lucky to be getting $40,000 a year and think: “Where on earth do they find the money for $800 Chloe shoes?”

I was an editor and I’d baulk at paying a quarter of that for a very, very, very nice pair.

I ditched of my gorgeous shoe collection after the chicken/bush turkey incident. My delicate sacrum couldn’t take the strain.


But I’m starting to get the urge again. Yesterday I celebrated my first full-time pay check with a pair of black Converse to replace the bunny-chewed ones (above). Aren’t they gorgeous …


Shoe shopping is the BEST. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a fat day or a thin day, you can always buy footwear and not feel like a frump when you look at them in those low-to-the-ground shoe mirrors.

DD will be quite surprised to hear me say I love shoes because he despairs of my footwear. He thinks it’s far too utilitarian and yearns for me to wear the occasional heel.

I’ve considered indulging him, but I’m always hugely disappointed when I check out shoe stores.

What happened to all the pretty, strappy shoes while I was hobbling around in flats after my bush turkey injury?

They all look like this …


Which I don’t find attractive at all.

My favourite brand back in the day was Sigerson Morrison. Sexy and comfy at the same time. But also hugely expensive. So every visit to the US was spent trawling sale racks for bargains.

I got the most awesome pair in a little shop in New Orleans once for $100.

But even Sigersons have gone all chunky.

A few designers are still doing the delicate, strappy look, such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, but who can afford THEM?


I met a bloke earlier this year who buys all his wife’s shoes … exclusively Manolo Blahniks (or was it Jimmy Choos?). He prefers women to always wear heels around him, which creeps me out. OK, the buying all his wife’s shoes bit ALSO creeps me out … but … Manolos/Choos … sigh …

Since no one is gifting me with strappy, expensive shoes that make your feet look like gifts, I’m after your tips on who actually makes pretty, affordable styles these days. Hit me with your suggestions.

After all, I’m on a full-time wage now, might as well have a bit of fun with it.

Song of the day: Paul Simon “Diamonds on the soles of her shoes”







16 thoughts on “My fetish returns

  1. Bata do a good line in everyday work shoe but I really like the quality and feel of an RM Williams Craftsman boot…even at a lazy $500! Wait….Manolo/Choo?! Ohhh, I get it now! 😉

  2. I have about $1000 of shoes sitting underneath my mirror at the moment. All running ones. My one pair of heels are only 2″high and black so they go with everything.

  3. Alana

    I rarely wear high heels and since feb none at all but I dream of designing and buying a pair from Shoes of Prey apparently you can go into DJs in the city to design a pair as well!

    And ummmm super creepy buying all her shoes!

    C xo

  4. I’ve never enjoyed shoes or shoe shopping. So I have no tips for you. Shoes mean nothing to me. I have odd feet, very difficult to fit, and they were once a great source of childhood angst. Then one day I got tired of feeling bad about my funny, short, wide feet, complete with hairy toes and no toe nail on either of my little toes (have never grown nails there), and now I just don’t care. My footwear is strictly utilitarian. And because I hate shoe-shopping so much, I will wear a shoe literally till it falls apart.

      • Magazines, books, stationery supplies and the craft section at Spotlight! And when I’m in the money, handbags and perfume. Love love love. Not currently in the money. Maybe if I spent less on pens and post-it notes I could actually save a few pennies 🙂
        Just read the last bit of this post again – that guy who buys his wife’s shoes! He must have a foot fetish. He would freak if he saw me in my clumping big shoes. When I do squeeze into a strappy sandal it’s sausage city!

  5. I used to work for a radio station in Sussex St. I was a sales exec and would clomp up and down Pitt/George street all day in high heels. Now I have bunions the size of my head and wouldn’t dream of wearing heels. It’s all very well for men to yearn after them. They don’t have to wear them. My shopping weakness is perfume.

    • See, I don’t really get perfume. It makes me sneeze. DD loves it and has given me a few so I spray them on my back to ensure they’re as far away from my nostrils as possible.

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