Dotty for DD


I discovered the joy of text a year ago.

Or, as DD and I describe it, “dotting.”

We call it dotting because of those little dots you get on your iPhone that let you know someone is writing a reply to your message.

We love those dots.

The dotting frenzy began when I sent a 6.30am message to DD one morning, two days after our first RSVP “date,” pondering where we should go for our second rendezvous.

I’m an early riser, so 6.30am felt like lunchtime and perfectly acceptable.

DD, on the other hand, was quite startled to be woken at 6.30am by a text from a virtual stranger.

But he soon got with the program.

This is how he describes it:

Tuesday – Alana awake – RSVP newbie decides to text at 6.30am
6.31am: Optus notices spike on North Shore
9am: Optus has crisis meeting and borrows bandwidth from Telstra
Midday: Alana’s ex-husband gets automated warning from the “cloud” saying capacity has been exceeded and thinks “Thank God, she’ll be blogging about someone else now.”

That night, after texting maniacally all day, we had our first voice-to-voice phone chat.

A major storm hit Sydney as we spoke – I think it was probably caused by heat between phone towers from the “machine gun” rate of texting we’d done … made worse by texts overtaking each other, queries, counter queries, explanations …

And we’ve pretty much been dotting each other like crazy ever since.

Not quite to the extent as we did during the two weeks between our first date and our second, when he was on a business trip in the United States.

During that dopamine-fuelled insanity there were “lots of dots, standing up, sitting down, planes, wifi, those beautiful dots at inconvenient times.”

DD also spent extensive amounts of time in the loo during those two weeks, furtively dotting me in cubicles. He started to worry his colleagues and clients would think his prostate was failing or something.

We were recharging our iPhones three or four times a day as they struggled to keep up with the volume of texts firing back and forth across the Pacific.

It was such a weird way to start a relationship: an initial face-to-face meeting that lasted an hour, then thousands of text messages.

It was incredibly intimate yet completely unconnected to reality.

I told a few people about what was going on … mainly because my phone kept beeping constantly … and they’d give me concerned looks, convinced DD was some crazy stalker.

I didn’t quite explain that I was texting him just as manically as he was texting me.

It was scary to finally meet each other face to face again, after so much mental intimacy and so little physical proximity.

But that’s a story … that I’m not going to tell another day, because it’s just for me.

Do you like texting more than talking on the phone? I do …

Song of the day: INXS “I send a message”





4 thoughts on “Dotty for DD

  1. Definitely – I would rather text a million times than make one phone call except to my husband who doesn’t text much so if I want to tell him something I have to phone him – LOL 🙂

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