Girls Night in 2015 – totally luxe

Cancer Council’s Girls Night In is the ideal reason to get your girlfriends together to celebrate friendships that matter for a cause that matters. By bringing the ladies in your life together for this special event you will be raising much needed funds to help beat women’s cancers. Your event can be as big or as small as you wish and as low key or lavish as you want.

In my neck of the woods, we lean towards the lavish …

For the past 10 years, two local school mums have been hosting the most dazzling Girls Night In functions to raise money for breast cancer research. It’s a fundraising concept that encourages women to enjoy a girly catch-up and donate what they would normally spend on a night out to the Cancer Council.

One of the mums, Margie, is generous enough to open her house to the hordes for the night. She has the most beautiful home, I get the worst case of property envy every time I’m there.

Highlights this year included hairdressers blow-drying and tonging attendees’ hair, then adding streaks of the night’s signature colour, pink. There was a masseuse in the front room, who gave my poor, sore neck a lovely rub. A DJ was playing excellent retro music in the living room. There were caterers in the kitchen whipping up the most gorgeous canapes. And the backyard was filled with tubs of ice for champagne and sparkling wine, plus jugs of different fruit juices and mixers to turn them into cocktails.

My photography from the night isn’t my finest … I’d started sipping sparkling at my sister’s prior – she was kind enough to have the kids for the night while I partied. It also meant my staying power wasn’t the best and I was too tired to hang around for the dancing.

But here are a few snaps from the night:

Thank you Two Pink Ladies for another totally gorgeous Girls Night In.

Have you been to a Girls Night In celebration this October? 



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