Rough with the smooth

Geez the past week has been a flipping nightmare and an absolute delight, wrapped up together in a gift called life.

The nightmare stuff included:

  • The youngest hearing scrabbling and squeaking in the ceiling, me spotting a giant mofo rat in the yard, then hearing scrabbling above my head while I was working from home on Friday. Cue frantic Ratsac distribution around the Household.
  • The ATO sending me a letter telling me I wasn’t eligible for the private insurance rebate, suggesting I’d tried to rort the system in my last tax return and demanding $648 to avoid the department taking further action. (That’s next on my sort-out list.)
  • Suffering a day of lower abdominal discomfort either caused by a UTI or a jalapeno margarita.
  • Getting stuck in horror traffic – due to breakdowns and accidents – on the freeway going both to and from Newcastle.
  • Not realising I’d been driving an unregistered car – with no third party insurance – for 13 weeks and only finding out when the cops pulled me over on the freeway and issued me with harrowing fines.
  • Receiving a letter in the post last night from my third party insurance company informing me that my green slip had expired because it hadn’t been presented to the RTA. Cheers! That might have been handy to receive last week.

The delightful stuff included:

  • Having the bulkest of fun with DD aboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth; and with Sue at World Margarita Day.
  • Having the loveliest catch up with Newcastle friends on Friday night over delicious takeaway Thai washed down with champers.
  • Sleeping over at my parents’ place and having my mum make me a hot brekkie.
  • DD taking me out for guacamole and corn chips and wine at a cool little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place to cheer me up after the traumatic unregistered car incident.
  • Being the youngest people in the room instead of the oldest – for a change – at an event called “Senior Moments” on Sunday arvo.

Er, let me explain that last one … we got DD’s mum tickets to see Senior Moments as her Chrissie present.


It’s a comedy revue starring John Wood (Blue Heelers) and Max Gillies (The Gillies Report), Play School icon Benita Collings, Kim Lewis (Sons and Daughters, The Restless Years) and Russell Newman (A Country Practice, Underbelly), with The Midday Show’s Geoff Harvey on piano.

It’s about old people and the young people they have to deal with, with sketches and songs and performers making fun of the trials and tribulations of growing old.

I was a bit ermagerd about going to see it, especially when I arrived at the theatre to find it heaving with doddery pensioners, but it was quite funny in parts (also eye-wideningly inappropriate in others), and it was such a nostalgic moment to see my favourite Playschool host from childhood on stage, not to mention Geoff from the Mike Walsh Show (what’s with this Midday Show business?)

Benita looked fabulous, Geoff looked … old. But he could still play a mean tune on the piano. In fact, he played several very, very, very long ones that he’d composed himself.

DD’s mum loved it, she literally doubled over laughing at some points and I got to sit for 90 minutes holding hands with my bloke and sipping a glass of sparkling wine, so win-win.

Yesterday was a bit blah though, trying to get my car ready for re-registration. I now have a blue slip and a green slip, all that remains is to unscrew my defunct number plates and slouch into Service NSW with them all.

I was feeling a bit like a poor man’s version of Julius Caesar without the 23 stab wounds. His bete noir was the Ides of March, mine is the Ides of February.

Bad shite invariably happens to me on a grand scale in February. Like my husband leaving, getting retrenched and miscarrying my Mirena (the name of a birth control device, not a foetus).

But, as I told Sue on World Margarita Day, I’m high as a kite on love and that makes all the other stuff a lot easier to handle.

Plus, yesterday ended fabulously: I went for a walk with a couple of local mums and we ran into a friend outside her house and she invited us inside to laugh ourselves silly and drink rosé together. Her husband got such a shock when he got home from bikram yoga and found us all cackling together on the deck.

It was a reminder that while unexpectedly bad things happen, so do unexpectedly good ones.

God bless my friends, they keep me sane.

Song of the day: Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush “Don’t give up”

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