Happy Margarita Day!

Soooo … I followed up my night on the Queen Elizabeth with a trip to Queen Elizabeth Drive yesterday to celebrate World Margarita Day.

How very coincidentally regal of me!

I’d been invited by Patron Tequila to a celebration at The Bucket List in Bondi.

The venue was transformed into a Patrón tequila home, complete with signature glassware and mixology flair.

Three cocktails were served: Patrón Classic Margarita, Patrón Jalapeno Margarita and Patrón Lychee Margarita. They were matched with delicious Mexican food including soft tacos and ceviche.

Nom, nom!

As usual, I was the oldest person in the room and quite hoarse by the end of the evening from shouting over the loud music. It also turned out the PR company hosting the event is run by my old boss, so we had a very startled catch up on what we’ve both been doing over the past eight years.

World Margarita Day is celebrated every year on February 22. The first margarita is said to have been created in 1938 by Carlos ‘Danny’ Herrera, who hoped to impress a showgirl named Marjorie King with the concoction.


I haven’t caught up with my Eastern Suburbs friend Sue FOREVER, so I asked if she’d like to join me. Sue and I met when we both had kids in Fairfax long daycare and we’ve stayed in touch over the past 12 years.

While I’m on a booze website these days, Sue works for a beauty website.

Cue air kissing with a lovely red lippie she left on my doorstep a few months ago …

I didn’t feel quite so glamorous when I was walking out my front door.  I left the kids to eat frozen pizza on Wednesday and last night it was frozen party pies and sausage rolls. All the important food groups represented there … not.

Things won’t improve tonight – I’m heading north as my Newie friend Megan has commandeered my house because her daughter has a swimming carnival to attend.

I’ve realised it was quite poor planning on my part because it means a third night of absence from my kids – normally I’d be there to kiss them goodbye when their dad comes to collect them …

Oh, and then there’s the fact I’m totally knackered.

Anyways, I don’t expect much sympathy because … World Margarita Day … poor me … poor my liver …

Here are some fancy photos from the party last night:

Cheers to the weekend!

Song of the day: Ricky Martin “Livin la vida loca”

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