That was a bit posh

DD and I had the loveliest time on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship last night. It was the bulkest of fun.

We were invited to a Starward Whisky launch – Starward filled two red wine casks with whisky, left one to mature at it’s headquarters in Melbourne and bolted the other to the deck of the QE2 for a year to sail the world.

The founder of Starward, David Vitale, gave the most fascinating tasting session aboard the QE2. He explained the differences between the two whiskies and how climate conditions affect spirits. DD absolutely loved it and chipped in with lots of comments on the notes he could taste in each whisky. His favourite was the one that stayed in Melbourne, which he thought had an amazing aftertaste of honey and cream, while the Seafarer version was more rum and raisin in character.

After the tasting, we went to a cocktail party on the deck of the QE2. We sipped Laurent Perrier champagne and nibbled prawn spring rolls while admiring the amazing view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

As a bonus, there were a few former media buddies on board. I caught up with an ex-editor of New Idea and my old mate from my days.

(Apparently my “10 Wettest Place on Earth” story has been a parting gift that keeps on giving every time it rains …)

It was soooo fun. Just what my wonky soul needed.

Towards the end, DD and I pretended to get lost and explored the ship. He reckons he isn’t keen to visit the QE2 again until he’s 80 and on a zimmer frame … as most of the passengers seemed to be.

Blue rinse overload aside, it was a great night. We loved every minute.

Pity about my liver, but anyways … Here are some happy snaps … click on the photos for explanations …

Song of the day: Rod Stewart “Sailing”

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  1. So the whiskey that went sailing gained a merchant sailor note (rum was part of their rations). Adventurous little drop.

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