Very busy job

I thought I’d be having lots of midweek swims with DD while searching for a new job, but unemployment turns out to be a very busy occupation.

Yesterday I dropped the youngest to the bus stop, did an early morning Butt, Abs & Thighs workout at the gym and picked up a jar of baby food at the supermarket for the ailing rat (on the advice of the vet), then raced home to write five stories for Drinks Digest and send out the weekly newsletter, all before 1pm.

I’m really proud of my latest newsletter. Click here to take a look – I’d love to hear what you think.

I felt a bit old writing one of the stories though, about an international music star called FISHER (pictured main with his wife) who has launched a hard seltzer brand. His fame and name were a complete blank for me – have you heard of him? It’s been the most popular article on Drinks Digest since it launched – go figure.

Yesterday afternoon was spent squeezing in a shower, writing another chapter of the book I’m doing contract work on, applying for two jobs, picking the youngest up from the bus stop, dropping her to skipping training and making a lamb meatball and egg tagine for dinner.

My days are a blur of driving and typing.

I’m a bit sad about the lack of swims because the weather has been so summery this week. DD gave up on me and went for a dip on his own on Wednesday.

And so another weekend approaches. The builder is due here this afternoon to – fingers crossed – finish off the renovation work. I will believe it when I see the side path concreted.

I have a whiskey event to attend and then the weekend will be spent going on walks and getting the house ready for the painter, who is due on Monday morning after postponing for a week.

I hope you have something fun planned.

Catch you in a few days.

Song of the day: FISHER “Losing it”

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