Keep walking

I went to an event called Whisk(e)y on the Rocks on Friday night and concluded the festivities at a pop-up Johnnie Walker Highball Bar in The Rocks.

It’s Johnnie Walker’s 200th anniversary this year and the brand’s slogan is “Keep walking”, which appropriately summarises my approach to life at the moment.

Here are some snaps (head over to my Insta to see a video DD took of the event):

I really enjoy taking photos.

Ironically, I spent the weekend walking with women who are tired of the pretense of social media during a difficult year.

They see people acting like everything is just peachy, when the reality is often quite different.

I am fairly frank on my blog when things aren’t peachy, but I am also guilty of hiding behind pretty pictures.

Walk with me and I will tell you my whole truth and ask you to tell me yours. It won’t fix anything, but it’s very cathartic. You will feel better knowing you are not alone. All that stuff you’re holding inside, the struggle to keep the surface looking smooth – you’re not the only one. It’s being experienced by so many people out there. They’re just too scared to admit it.

Walking with friends is good for the soul too, as is sipping a coffee together afterwards … on Saturday a lovely comrade even bought me a cocktail! Much cheaper than therapy.

As for the “Keep walking” slogan, Johnnie Walker says: “John Walker had a vision to create the finest blended Scotch whisky in the world. But rather than letting the enormity of the task slow him down, he stayed focused on the next step to keep moving closer to his goal.

“Progress means different things to us all. For some it’s having the self-believe to start something new. For others its the determination to strive for a long-held goal, or it can simply be having the courage to follow a more rewarding path. For John Walker it meant having the resilience to keep moving forward.”

Booze wisdom.

DD took this photo of me at Trial Bay Gaol recently. I’m hoping it’s a metaphor for me escaping the ruins of 2020 and getting a fresh start in a dynamic new working environment.

I’m not sure how easy that will be – The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that in March the number of women who were unemployed in NSW was 88,788. In September it was 132,309 – a 49% increase.

Wish me luck – I love a challenge.

Song of the day: INXS “Just keep walking”

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