The dizzy limit

Just when I thought life couldn’t find any more curve balls to throw at me … I got vertigo yesterday.

When I lay down on the step bench during my Butt, Abs & Thighs workout, the room started spinning. It’s a horrible feeling. I hoped it was a one off but, as I flipped over for some push-ups, everything started whirling again.

I couldn’t finish the class because I felt too wobbly and nauseous. I went home to bed, where the room did a few more 360 twirls. I felt crushingly tired and went to sleep for about half an hour.

I felt a bit better when I woke up, so I drove to DD’s to get his opinion on my condition. He took my pulse then moved a finger back and forth and made me follow it with my eyes – he said there was a bit of jitter there, a sign of vertigo.

Sitting on his lovely deck in the fresh air felt very reviving, so we went for a dip at the beach. I managed perfectly well with the bobbing waves, so I thought the worst was over.

But when we got home, I felt crushingly tired again and lay down … cue lots more spinning.

We’re wondering if there’s another loose crystal in my ear. You may recall me having a similar episode in Queenstown last year.

It may also be stress related. Dr Google reckons that even though stress doesn’t directly cause vertigo, it can contribute to dysfunction of the part of your inner ear that controls balance, called your vestibular system.

Elevated levels of stress hormones including cortisol can negatively impact the transmission of neural information from your vestibular system to your brain. It’s thought that these hormones may disrupt ion channels in your nerves and neurotransmission in your brain.

Your body also releases other chemicals including histamine and neurosteroids when you’re stressed that may indirectly impair neurotransmission between your vestibular system and your brain.

Interesting. It’s definitely been a very stressful few months/years. I really am ready for a quieter life. I also figure I’m due for some good news to balance all the crap stuff.

The computer bloke called last night to say my HP two-in-one has been resurrected. He has recommended I never buy a two-in-one again because they are rubbish. I’m classifying the revival of the PC as both good and bad news – it’s been fixed, but it’s been an expense I could have done without. I am still trying to pin down Niaz for a refund on his shite first opinion.

And suddenly it’s almost the weekend again. It’s going to be a scorcher in my neck of the woods, so I’m hoping for a few ocean dips. Unfortunately/fortunately I’ve also been given a last-minute freelance job that’s due on Sunday. Damn/hurrah!

Stay cool and I’ll catch you on Monday. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me that nothing spins when I get out of bed this morning.

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