Suck it up princess

It’s day three of my mystery rash and I still look and feel like I’m sunburnt, with the itch you get when it peels.

I’ve realised that the arrival of the rash coincided with my 20th wedding anniversary.

Yep, 20 years ago this week I was walking down the “aisle” in a photographic studio on Broadway (the Sydney version) as my favourite band, Karma County, sang “Oleanna”.

OK, my husband left me more than five years ago, but I’m still trying to get the paperwork signed, so officially we’re still married.

How unromantic!

I’m wondering if the rash is the universe’s way of reminding me to get it sorted out.

Ironically, I couldn’t wear my wedding ring when I was properly married because it also gave me a rash.

I’m not going to speculate on what the universe was trying to tell me with that. OK, I am. Maybe it was suggesting that things weren’t working out? Though it shouldn’t have required a rash on my ring finger to get the message.

I’m over rashes, they’re really annoying. The youngest is a bit suck it up princess about my complaining, because she suffers from itchy skin constantly.

Aside from looking unsightly, I’m very excited that it’s the weekend and I can run away from the computer for a bit. I am soooooo tired of being constantly stuck in front of a computer. Somehow sitting in front of it feels way more exhausting when you’re at home instead of the office.

Not that I have anything fun planned for the weekend. I’m just cleaning the wardrobe in the youngest’s room so we can paint it. Woot.

But, knowing me, something unexpected will happen.

I’ll fill you in on Monday.

I hope you are doing something more exciting than cleaning over the weekend.

Song of the day: Loverboy “Working for the weekend”





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