Modus Operandi: getting out of my funk


There’s no better way of getting out of your funk than by listening to it …

I spent last night at a really cool bar on Sydney’s northern beaches called Modus Operandi Brewing Co, watching Mo Soul Club perform.

Mo Soul Club has a core band, then guest musos and singers join the line-up for a song or two.

DD’s son is one of the core band members. He’s a really talented guitarist who also plays in a band called Jester.

DD used to be in a band too, many moons ago. It was called The Dead Hamsters … Sorry, no it wasn’t. It was called The Rampant Hamsters … I have no idea why I always call it The Dead Hamsters.

The band even played support to Died Pretty at the Sydney Opera House once. Cool, huh?

But DD says his guitar skills were nuthin’ compared to those of his progeny.

Mo Soul Club play every Sunday night at Modus Operandi. The place is always jammed with people. It’s an amazing setting too – the band play with a backdrop of silver brewing silos.

I’ve only ever had drinks there before, but last night I was on a mission to try the menu while we watched the show.

It was so freaking good. We had the MO pizza with prawns, mushrooms, ham, olives and other yummy stuff. Then we had the beer battered fries with smoked garlic aioli.

Smoked. Garlic. Aioli.


Yep, it was every bit as good as it sounds. I ate so much it still feels like I’m about to birth a food baby. So much for the doctor telling me to avoid yeast.

Oh, and the music was excellent. Really fun, energetic, uplifting stuff.

I could quite happily spend every Sunday night of my life sitting at Modus Operandi, sipping riesling, dipping chippies in aioli and listening to Mo Soul Club grooving on stage.

Awesome night.

Song of the day: James Brown “Sex machine”



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