My week: running away from home

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I have no idea why last week got to me. It just did.

By Thursday I’d had it with the woe is me. So I did something about it: I ran away from home.

When you’re a kid, that just means stuffing a few things in a backpack and going. Or in my case, being too sensible and logical to ever do it.

As an adult there’s a lot to organise and plan before you can run away. Plus the kids have netball on a Friday night. So I couldn’t run away until Saturday.

Running away isn’t how you’re supposed to solve things. But it worked.

Hitting the freeway on Saturday morning felt so good.

Saturday afternoon was divine. Blue sky, balmy weather. It was impossible to think the world was anything other than wonderful as DD and I drank pinot gris beside the sea.

I’m already back in Sydney because the youngest has skipping training on Sundays at 3pm. But I feel revived.

Here’s what happened in the week that felt like I was living on a planet with higher gravity …

At HouseGoesHome …


>> On Monday, I announced I’d been nominated for a Liebster Award.

>> On Tuesday I revealed DD and I have different senses of humour and chucked in some very inappropriate videos.

>> On Wednesday I went to the doctor for yet another icky reason. He must blanch when he sees me walk through the door. Oh, and I made piggy cupcakes … and gave up sugar (again).

>> On Thursday I was housebound (again) with a sick kid, but buoyed by meeting up with some former Cosmo workmates.

>> On Friday, I wallowed in regret about all the things I SHOULDN’T have done.

>> And on Saturday I wasn’t quite myself. So I waffled a lot and ran away.

Over at Kidspot …

>> People got very excited by the prospect of seeing Lara Bingle’s belly three months after giving birth to Rocket.


>> Why Nicole Kidman wishes she’d had more kids.

>> This was a hot topic too: Cafe owner yells at two-year-old – social media goes crazy

>> Why I think it’s awesome Chris and Gwyneth still brunch with their kids

>> Abandoned in a public toilet as a newborn, ‘Baby Sophie’ begs to find her mum

>> Michelle Bridges attacked over smug pregnancy interview

How was your week? C’mon … fess up!

Song of the week: Pete Murray “Opportunity”



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  1. Sometimes running away from home’s the best thing you can do. I’ve done it a couple of times this year and it always puts things back into perspective.

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