That’s not funny at all

Sense of humour is a funny thing … boom-tish.

Actually, I’m serious. It’s weird how one person can think something is hilarious and another person can be all cat’s bum about it.

DD and I are a bit like this with our senses of humour …



There are some things that make us both laugh and other stuff that makes us think ” who IS this person?”

When we first met he tried to get me excited about The Mighty Boosh. The Might Boosh is seriously weird. Take a look …

He loves it. Me … er, it’s OK.

I countered with the first season of Californication. I was going to share a funny clip from it with you, but all the ones on youTube were way too naughty and I gave up.

And then there’s live comedy … DD and I went to see the Umbilical Brothers recently.

I wasn’t blown away, but people all around me were hysterical with laughter.

At one point I got really offended – they did this riff on mass murdering The Brady Bunch with all these way-too-realistic sound effects.

Not. Funny. At. All.

Last week, DD challenged me to make him smile, so I sent him a video of a duckling walking on a lead …

Perhaps not quite what he had in mind, but I dare you not to smile when you watch it.

I also sent Amy Schumer clip that I described as “hilarious.” Listen to it with headphones on because it is VERY rude. Actually, don’t listen to it at all if you are easily offended.

He conceded it was funny but inappropriate (he has since pointed out – after reading the blog – that he meant it was inappropriate to send texts on someone else’s phone).

It’s a bit weird that I find murdering The Brady Bunch offensive, but Amy Schumer playing that terrible prank on Katie Couric hilarious.

Here’s one of Amy’s more “appropriate” moments …

<p><a href=”″>The Ancient Art of Female Emotional Combat</a> from <a href=”″>Repsac</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The first Amy stand-up performance I watched made me laughter as much as it had me wide-eyed with horror at certain moments.

Take look … erm, again, only if you’re not easily offended …

I really need to find something humorous that doesn’t involve sex or ducks so you don’t get the wrong impression about me. Hmmmm …

The ex and I used to watch Peep Show together – it was about the only thing we did together towards the end – and find it quite amusing. I know the show title makes it sound like it’s dirty, but it’s not.

What else? I can remember going to a preview of Four Weddings and a Funeral before all the hype and having tears of laughter running down my face.

I also thought it was pretty funny when the youngest literally went to jail seven times in an hour while we were playing Monopoly the other day.

Luckily she’s a good sport. The eldest would have been all “I am not amused” and possibly gone to her room to sulk. The youngest just laughed …

What sort of comedy makes you laugh?

Song of the day: Elton John “Your song”




8 thoughts on “That’s not funny at all

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  1. I remember watching Monty Python with a German friend. We both thought it was hilarious. But as we watched together we laughed at very different moments. It was as though we were watching two different shows.

  2. I laugh at pretty much everything, including Monty Python and the Umbilical Bros, but with them it’s more a fascination with the sound effects and the theatre.
    What I don’t find amusing is stuff where people are hurt, like getting caught in trampoline springs or shooting a guy’s nipple with a BB gun pellet…seriously, those Jackass stunts aren’t funny, they’re just sicko!

  3. I must not be easily offended. Laughed at all that – including the inappropriate bits. Especially the inappropriate bits.

  4. Definitely Monty and Fawlty Towers. I’m not fussed on the Mighty Boosh either. Scotto laughs at lots of things I don’t think are remotely funny. I would think it hilarious if someone was sent to jail that often in a game of monopoly. Especially if they were being a good sport about it. I must admit I watched the movie “Heat” 3 times and laughed out loud every time. That’s rare for me. Melissa McCarthy can strike facial expressions that relay 1000 words.

    1. How can I have forgotten Monty Python – I thought The Holy Grail and Life of Brian were hilarious when I was a teen. Have introduced the kids to them.

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