I’ve got male

It would be very tempting to hate men at the moment, but they’ve made it bloody difficult by being so goddamn nice to me.

I was expecting women to rally around with tea and sympathy. The blokes, on the other hand, have taken me completely by surprise.

And it’s not because they want to play hide the sausage (which is always the terrible, sneaking suspicion you have) … it’s simply because they care.

They’ve sent messages saying I’m welcome at their place “at any time you need a break, need a talk, need to not talk, whatever you need”

And “remember that we are there for you. We always are.”

And “If we were not so far apart, I’d be giving you a huge hug because I know for a fact that hugs help in ALL circumstances!

And “just ringing to say g’day, see how you’re going”

And “Anything you need, anytime”

And “Hello dear friend. I’m around if you need someone to look after things if you need to get away. I’m there if you don’t.”

And “if ya ever need anything … mates always look after mates”

My high school teacher even sent a message saying ” if by some chance you need to talk to someone, I’m more than happy to.”

I mean, how awesome is all of that? So. Freaking. Awesome.

So, men, thank you. You fill my future with hope and warmth.

I count myself very lucky to have you as friends.

PS Of course, it goes without saying that I’m totally blitzed to have so many caring women as friends too. I am blessed.

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