Things I want them to know

OF COURSE I haven’t let it go.

How well do you know me?

It’s a PROCESS when someone hurts or disappoints me, one that takes a while to work its way through my system.

Wondering what the hell I’m talking about?

Sigh. The troll.

Well, she’s not really a troll. She just told me twice, once in the comment section of my blog and once on Messenger that she was sick of my narcissism and banality.

Does that qualify as proper trolling or is it just a nasty comment reiterated?

I’m in no position to refute my banality or narcissism. Maybe I am those things. Whatever, I’m not really dwelling on that part, other than to think the comment is unnecessarily mean spirited.

What I do want to muse on, however, is the spray she gave about what my children will think if they ever read the blog and see what I’ve said about their dad.

That bugs me because I believe I’ve been incredibly reasonable about our situation. Many women choose a much uglier path of bitterness and animosity.

Sure, I’ve made a couple of snarky comments, but come ON, who wouldn’t?

Most people don’t have a daily blog where they share their thoughts, but what child from a broken marriage hasn’t accidentally overheard a heated exchange between their parents, or an upset comment to a friend or family member?

But Ms Troll, for want of a better title, does have a point. I SHOULD consider what my children will think if they can be arsed reading my endless blog posts.

I hope reading them will show my kids these things:

>>  I love them to Alpha Centauri and back.

>> Life doesn’t always go the way you planned, but that’s OK, you’ll survive the tough stuff.

>> There will be days that will feel overwhelmingly hard. But there will ones that feel overwhelmingly wonderful. And you must keep the faith that the better days will come.

>> You need to nurture love if you want it to last forever. It suffocates in a vaccuum.

>> It might feel that no one will ever want you again after a break-up, but it’s not true. Love will come when you least expect it.

>> Friends – and sisters – will help you through the rough stuff.

>> If your marriage fails and you have kids, co-parenting effectively will help them come out the other side with as little emotional damage as possible.

>> Your priority as a parent – whether separated or married – is your children’s happiness, health and wellbeing.

>> You’ll be a better mum if you make happiness a priority for you too.

>> Keeping your mind open to change and trying new things is a good thing.

>> It’s never OK to be deliberately unkind.

There’s probably heaps more stuff I could add, but I need to chuck some spag bol in the slow-cooker for dinner tonight.

Song of the day: John Lennon “All you need is love”


One thought on “Things I want them to know

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  1. Oh honey
    Trolls need to get a life. I am a bit sick to death of the nastiness on the internet. I really don’t understand it. Once upon a time they would have had to hand write a letter and put it in the post to the editor.
    Tell them to get knotted!
    C xoxo

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