A bit all over the place

The introspection is still strong in this one. It woke me too early yesterday, clenching at my heart and tearducts.

A busy day at work – and the company of my workmates … oh and lots of caffeine – beat that out of me. No time for self pity when there are stories to be written about Prosecco Popsicles being released in Australia for summer!

After work, I dropped the eldest to art class, where she is working on the most divine watercolour of a dinosaur (above).

Then the youngest and I headed to the costume shop after much badgering for a devil costume for Halloween. You might recall she’d promised to go as Zombie Heidi so the dirdnl I was inveigled to buy her for International Day at school last term could have a second outing.

But it’s been bumped to a “music around the world” band performance next week.

So devil ears, pitchfork and devil tutu it was …

Then we crossed the road to Bunnings to examine paint colours. After receiving my $2100 quote to paint the kitchen, I’ve decided it’s time to woman-up and paint the damn room myself. I’ve done a lot of housepainting in my time and had resolved I was beyond such messy labour in my dotage, but reality has hit the fan and the credit card bill has hit the mailbox.

The youngest is beyond thrilled because Dulux is offering a free paint can filled with jellybeans with purchase. She wanted to know if I’d be paying her to help with the painting and I replied: “Yes, with jellybeans.”

She seems delighted with that.

So the weekend after this one is P Day.

Can’t wait! Can, actually …

But I need to have it done before my Christmas house/pet sitters arrive and my calendar is getting rather jam packed.

Oddly, it’s mainly filled with music events, which is very un-me.

It kicks off with Jazz in the Vines this weekend, followed by the youngest’s aforementioned band spectacular, then The Dandy Warhols, Dan Sultan and Crowded House.

How’s that for a line-up?

In other news, a child milestone has been reached. Since returning from her holiday, the eldest spends her spare hours in her room rather than on the couch. I miss her, but general consensus is that’s what almost-teens do. I’m wondering whether delivery of my boss’ old sofa to furnish my new kitchen/family room will entice her out. Fingers crossed.

And now I’d better head for the shower. I have a huge day ahead: I’m the convenor of a Diversity Council that’s been formed by my employer. We have our first meeting at lunchtime. I’ve never been a convenor before, wish me luck …

the drinks association’s annual general meeting follows, then a Chairman’s Drinks.

All up, it’s about 11 hours of yakka with some bonus bubbles at the end.

The dogs will be VERY cross when I finally get home to let them in … as will the neighbours if the little fur bastards put up too much protest.

Hope your Hump Day passes serviceably.


Song of the day: Van Morrison “Days like this”



2 thoughts on “A bit all over the place

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  1. First I LOVE this song!
    Next I tried to email you to see if you knew how/where to buy these popsicles before I read this!!! Turns out you did know about them but not the how/where for NSW (more specifically either Wollongong or Port Macquarie), for my sister in laws for Christmas. I love the sound of the apple/elderflower one. And lucky you had written about it here because the email bounced (the gmail one).
    Anyhoo, make sure you schedule in some downtime in the midst of all that busyness.
    C xoxo

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