What have I done??

Guilt kept me awake last night. I was wracked with it.

I’ve done something akin to letting my 10-year watch Game of Thrones or smoke or go to the mall with a full face of make-up.

I taught her how to make cocktails.

*hangs head in shame*

I didn’t mean to do it, but she wore me down.

She’d been pestering me for days, ever since I came home from work with a proper cocktail-making kit.


She was totally fascinated by all the shiny pieces.

So I gave in and showed her how to make a virgin mojito. She muddled the mint leaves and sugar and fresh lime juice together then shook herself up a delicious concoction.

And I suppose the sin wouldn’t have been too bad if I’d stopped at that point. But, no, I got her to make me an espresso martini.

And now – belatedly – I’ve realised that’s NOT in the good parenting manual.

It reminds me of the night we took the 12-year-old to the hospital when she was a toddler because she’d been vomitting after tripping over her dad’s ugg boot and hitting her head on the corner of the wardrobe … And then finding an old baby bottle of milk under the sofa and drinking it …

That trailer trash tale got the DOCS alarm bells ringing for hospital staff as they asked us to retell the story a couple of times, searching for inconsistencies …

At least that incident was an accident.

Yesterday, on the other hand … I just don’t think things through sometimes.

My weekend has featured a few guilty moments.

You’d think I’d have a bit more common sense at 48. But no, I’m like a bull in a china shop. I blithely crash about, then survey the damage and think WHAT HAVE I DONE and beg for forgiveness and have insomnia for a week.

Though, it was a very good espresso martini, just needed a bit more foam on top …

Please don’t call DOCS.

Song of the day: Elvis “All shook up”







11 thoughts on “What have I done??

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  1. ALL those shiny bits, indeed! I remember being fascinated by them, too, as a kid. Dad had a cocktail set in his pseudo timber-look laminex bar at home.
    But an Espresso Martini? BAD SQUIDGY!! 🍸🙄😂🍹

  2. Well, at least she can now get a bartender job when she does the London gap year thing.

    Had to laugh, though. Reminds me of Sally Draper in Mad Men fixing her father an Old Fashioned. Mad skillz.

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