Picking a date

An anniversary passed earlier this month and I TOTALLY forgot it.

It’s two years since DD and I first met.

Although I’m not entirely sure what date I should classify as our actual “anniversary”.

Should it be October 10, when he first contacted me on RSVP … because he felt sorry for desperate “Chessiah” constantly trawling the site  (I didn’t realise having the RSVP window open when I was working from home made it appear that I was always searching.)

Or should it be October 12 when we first met, at the Terry Hills Tavern, and I regaled him with tales of the triceratops position?

I kept that meeting a secret on the blog until the next month, when I pretended we were arranging to meet each other for the first time.

People said things like: “For god’s sake don’t mention the blog, not yet. And don’t talk about your ex. I reckon it’s ok to indicate you have children (in passing don’t bang on about them) frankly children would be less scary to a bloke than the blog I think.”

And: “Well this is exciting news! Don’t mention the blog. And just remember… he’s probably just as nervous. You relax and let him impress you. Good luck x”

And: “Yep, agreed, don’t mention the blog!”

And: “John says he wouldn’t mention the blog, although if you do…and he responds with a creepy “I know”…run!”

Little did they know it was waaaaaaay too late for THAT.

Or should it be October 14, when I texted him at 6.30am – and woke him up – to ask where we should go on our second date.

This is how he described it:

6.30am: RSVP newbie decides to text about second date.
6.31am: Optus notices spike on North Shore
9am: Optus has crisis meeting and borrows bandwidth from Telstra
Midday: Alana’s ex-husband gets automated warning from the “cloud” saying capacity has been exceeded and thinks “Thank God, she’ll be blogging about someone else now.”

That night, after texting maniacally all day, we had our first voice-to-voice phone chat.

A major storm hit Sydney as we spoke – DD speculated that it was caused by heat between phone towers from the “machine gun” rate of texting we’d done … made worse by texts overtaking each other, queries, counter queries, explanations …

Theee was a rather major relationship milestone on October 17, when he held my hand “virtually” while I sat in the doctor’s waiting room to get my Mirena inserted for my lady plumbing problems, while he packed to go overseas on a business trip.

We’d only met once, for barely an hour.

I think we were already totally gone on each other by that point, though he pretended not to be for about six months after that.

And then there’s October 26, the day he returned from his business trip. Our second meeting was a little harrowing (for me), as we’d swirled into a crazy, endorphin-fuelled frenzy of texting each other 500 times a day. Meeting each other in the flesh again felt WEIRD.

Or should it be October 28, the day DD asked me to take down my RSVP profile?

Who knows? Maybe we should just declare October the Festival of the Anniversary?

Not that we’ve had a chance to celebrate yet – he’s been flat out like a lizard drinking with work.

Poor him.

Poor me.

What relationship anniversaries do you celebrate?

Song of the day: Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel of Love”


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