Whoa, harsh

Why do I blog?

It’s a question I ask myself most weeks.

Sometimes I struggle to find words. Sometimes I struggle to find time. Sometimes I wonder if Housegoeshome has run its course. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The blog has cost me a job: remember the time I fired up at an inaccurate story in Woman’s Day about Kathleen Folbigg? That was AWFUL.

The blog has revealed way too much about my inner turmoil.

The blog has caused issues for my partner (who has been incredibly gracious about it, considering I told him on our first date that I would never blog about him, but it’s so hard NOT to talk about the happiness he brings).

This week, the blog prompted a former colleague to ask in the comment section how to unsubscribe because she was sick of my narcissism and banality.

I don’t get trolled very often, so I was a bit startled by her vitriol – particularly as it came  from someone I’ve known for many years who I’ve never said a harsh word to or about.

Her words tumbled around in my overactive brain.

I often worry about being banal – some days there’s very little to say, but a day without blogging feels strange now – the urge to write is too strong.

So, yeah, she’s probably right on that score.

I write the blog as if I’m chatting over a cup of coffee. There’s not always something fascinating to say, but you keep the conversation flowing.

Admittedly it’s a bit of a one-sided chat …

Which brings me to her narcissism comment. I suppose it IS narcissistic to write about myself every day. So I can understand where she’s coming from on that score too.

But the part I don’t understand is what prompts someone to lash out like that.

I figure she’s going through a tough time and needed someone to take it out on.

My brain doesn’t work that way. There are plenty of times I read things people post on Facebook that make me recoil or eye roll or fume. But it never occurs to me to write something nasty in the comment section.

I just keep scrolling.

That’s not to say I’m without sin. I have many, many flaws and make many, many mistakes that I carry around with me like an invisible saddlebag filled with guilt.

But I always try to be kind. In real life. In the blog.

(OK, I might have said a few snarky things about my ex, but that was a pretty intense situation.)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a friend, foe or stranger, life is too short for that sort of shite and bad karma.

As for why I blog … Gawd, I don’t know.

I love to write. I want to connect with people who might be feeling alone and let them know they’re not. I like to make you laugh. It feels good when I know I’ve struck a chord.

I will stop blogging one day. But not yet. Not until the bad outweighs the good. And mostly it brings good – new friends, reconnection with old ones, adventures, a creative outlet …

Like brussel sprouts, Housegoeshome isn’t for everyone. But, as I’ve noted in the past, if it upsets or annoys  you, please stop reading. By all means touch base if you have an opinion, but don’t be a troll.

You’re better than that.

Peace, love and all that jazz.

Song of the day: Pat Benatar “Hit me with your best shot”




16 thoughts on “Whoa, harsh

Add yours

  1. Your blog is my morning coffee with you… it reminds me of all the letters u used to write during school holidays when u were at Hawks Nest… it takes me back, EVERY MORNING to a simpler time in both our lives… i miss it on days you dont blog…
    Dont let the turkeys get you down, it speaks REAMS about her, nothing about you!

  2. Love your blog – your insights on real life and how you handle the roller coaster life we all can relate to is a morning must. No matter what life we live there is always someone criticizing and others supporting us. Keep on being you 😎

  3. I think you’re completely correct in saying that when people lash out like that there are deeper issues in their lives. I think later on when the person calms down they usually regret writing it. Don’t take it personally is my advice. Also… what Megz and Cathy said 🙂

  4. Whoa! That IS harsh. And nasty. And not necessary. Shows more about her than you. It’s always a challenge when you are putting yourself out there. But don’t stop 🙂

  5. Don’t take it personally, it’s one reader who, I’m sure already regrets her hasty comment. I did laugh out loud though, when I read you would never write about DD. I say keep up the good work X

  6. That person wouldn’t have the guts to say it to your face I bet.
    Its fun to read and thought provoking. One pissed person if you keep going vs lots of pissed people if you stop. Its a no-brainer.

  7. I love your writing. Sometimes I laugh, and, lol, sometimes I cringe. Often agree, sometimes disagree. You are a great blogger. I read all other emails first, saving yours to read last. A sort of treat to have, after wading through the others.

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