Two steps forward …

I started feeling more human and less living dead around lunchtime yesterday.

I downgraded to a level of sick that allowed me to sit on the couch flicking through Home Beautiful magazines while watching old movies, including Shirley Valetine, who I regard as a bit of a kindred spirit, well, apart from the running off to Greece and shagging Tom Conti on a boat bit … But I get the whole journey to find herself again.

I was too sick to watch movies the first few days. All I was capable of doing was shifting around uncomfortably in bed or on the sofa moaning as every joint in my body ached.

I was sad to miss my dad’s birthday at Jazz in the Vines, though my sister said it was a NIGHTMARE – no shade and a two-hour queue to get a drink. No joke. Apparently people were incandescently furious and demanding refunds. Eeek.

My afternoon was brightened by my boss’ husband and sons delivered their old sofa to me, so the new kitchen/family room looks much more homey. Thank you!

Then DD – though petrified of catching my lurgy – popped in with a drill to put the legs on the sofa, deliver some Thai takeaway and give me a cuddle. Though he was so worried about my germs that he would only cuddle me with my back to him, which is more of a hug than a cuddle because of the awkward angles.

But he’s hugely busy at work and is single dadding his kids next week so he can’t afford to get sick.

Ah well, a backwards hug is better than no hug at all.

I felt quite perky for a few hours after he left, before slowly fading again. Around 8pm I realised I didn’t have another magazine page flick in me and meandered off to bed.

My hopes were high for recovery today, but I’ve woken aching and snotty, taken some Nurofen and crawled back under the covers.

The kids are back this afternoon so hopefully I improve again as the day goes on.

It looks like it’s been gorgeous weather. Fill me in on what you’ve been up to so I can vicarious enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Two steps forward …

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  1. Look back over the posts leading up to this illness and you’ll see you were extremely busy and then emotionally stressed by a negative interaction. Your immune system was compromised. Take care of yourself and don’t let things get under your skin, Lanie.

    Dr Pinky x

  2. U missed a great catch up last nite… was amazing to see Kathryn after all these years tho & she has a business card for u from another old school friend who is a herbalist…. u get sick too often & need something natural! I swear by a herbalist for increasing your immune system…

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