Where were YOU??

DD is threatening to write a guest post detailing how I abandoned him when he had a terrible flu last year.

I sounded so forlorn on the phone yesterday, he felt obliged to trek down to brave my germs and buy me lunch.

Thar’s two days in a row he’s been exposed to my deathly virus.

He kept slathering himself in hand sanitiser the whole time, muttering how cross he’d be if he caught it.

There was also lots of muttering about me not going within coo-ee of  him the whole time HE was sick.

I have THE most terrible memory, so I can neither confirm nor deny his assertion, but it just doesn’t sound right.

I love taking care of him, so I should have jumped at the chance to make him chicken soup and mop his fevered brow.

I think he must have told me he vanted to be alone or had his kids staying with him or something.

He also noted that I didn’t help him move house six weeks after we started dating.

I countered that he didn’t help ME move house 10 weeks after we started dating. To which he replied:





And unpack.

Really? I have absolutely no memory of it.

Well … um … I do remember saying I wouldn’t help him.

I’d just spent months packing up the family home and moving into a scuzzy rental and I knew I’d be doing it all again a month after his move.

I just didn’t have another move in me.

I feel totally guilt about it now, especially since he reckons he moved a few carloads of stuff for me.

That was incredibly nice of him.

I’ve assured him I will definitely tend to him next time he’s sick and help next time he moves because we’re in a long term relationship now … Though, like I said, I can’t quite believe I didn’t tend to him last time.

Damn my rotten memory.

I’m totally safe on the guest blog front though. He hasn’t got time to scratch himself right now, let alone give me a serve in a 600 word post.

PS I’m still crook, fark it. Fingers crossed I haven’t given it to him, it’s a shocker.

Song of the day: D:ream “Things can only get better”

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