What the celebs wore for Halloween 2016

Bugger off all you superior types who’ve been posting this anti-Halloween cartoon …


Where’s your sense of fun? October 31 is really lovely in my neck of the woods – excited kids dressing up in colourful costumes, residents tricking up their houses with decorations, neighbours strolling the avenues and standing out on their lawns chatting …

Except I missed it this year because of the bloody flu. I got to see the youngest in her devil costume and the eldest’s test run at doing dead person make-up, but I didn’t have the energy to wander the streets taking photos.

While the kids trick or treated, I lay on the couch feeling all limp like a deflated balloon. It’s been seven days since I went down with this dreaded lurgy and it wasn’t keen to let go of me yesterday.

The worst of the symptoms are gone, I just have a few last aches and lingering fatigue so it’s off to work today.

But before I go, here’s how the stars celebrated Halloween …

Oh, and what did you get up to? Or are you one of the cartoon slappers?

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