I’m out of order

I’m feeling a little out of order. Too much to process. So I’m sending you back in time to a post I called “Dark Clouds”. It scares me a little to read it and realise I pushed the publish button. It’s a little confronting even for me, and it’s MY head. I’m not sure I’m […]

Warning: I have bad luck cooties

I went out for sushi, wine and Behind The Candelabra with my sister on Sunday night. She called me yesterday to say my bad luck had rubbed off on her – a car ran a stop sign and plowed into her. How sucky is that? Fortunately only her radiator was hurt … oh, and extensive […]

My poor little girl

I almost cried as I dabbed soothing gel on the hundreds of chicken pox covering my seven-year-old’s body over the weekend. How much can one little person’s skin take? When she was two, the youngest developed the most bizarre, angry-looking rash. The doctor informed me there were actually two problems at play – eczema AND […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Jen gives away her eggs, a Bieber proposal and more

Okay, let’s get down to business. I have my youngest’s chicken pox to soothe, so no time to waste. Here’s my round-up of the best gossip of the week. Enjoy! >> In perhaps my favourite gossip story of the week, Jennifer Aniston gave away her eggs. Details here >>http://www.ivillage.com.au/igossip-jens-giving-away-her-eggs/ >> Somehow I missed Aussie celebrity […]

Flashback Friday: partying with Sly, Bruce and Cindy

It was May 26, 1996. The pavement on George Street was 20 people deep for the opening of Australia’s first Planet Hollywood restaurant. Crowd estimates ranged from 5000 to 10,000 people. It was probably the most Hollywood-celeb-crammed function Australia has ever seen: illusionist David Copperfield, Charlie Sheen, Cindy Crawford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Sylvester […]


I’ve brought this on myself. What was I THINKING writing a blog post called “Bad Things Come In Fours” and pondering what the next two bits of bad luck would be that would bring me up to six? Husband texted yesterday afternoon to inform me that the youngest has chicken pox and is quarantined for […]

Bad things come in … fours?

OK, so Husband had an operation that put him out of action for 10 days last month. Then the bunny ate all our electrical appliances (Husband discovered a belated fatality yesterday – the oil heater in the youngest’s room.) Then Husband’s grandfather died and we motored out to Forbes for the terribly sad funeral. Then […]

You know you’re getting old when …

>> You put your back out doing gardening. >> When you go to the physio to have it fixed she presumes: “So, you have adult children?” >> You have to wear a girdle every day to keep your pelvis together after your gardening accident. >> Even before your gardening accident, your body was aching when […]

HouseGoesHollywood: Jen’s giving away her eggs

Whoa, I have sore fingers from typing in so much celebrity news from the weekend. Happy gossiping! Jen’s giving away her eggs It’s nice to see Jennifer Aniston has a sense of humour, despite fielding constant questions about her baby and wedding plans. While appearing on Conan to promote We’re The Millers, she announced: “Everyone’s […]