It’s a matter of trust

I thought I found dope in my 14 year old’s bedroom over the weekend. Argh! I was clearing out the dirty dishes so rats don’t take up residence in there. There was a little ziplock bag sitting on the desk – not hidden at all – filled with what looked like a bag of marijuana […]

Talking taboo stuff

As I weave through the months following my 50th birthday, I wonder when menopause is going to ambush me. I thought it was stalking me a few years back, when my lady plumbing went totally haywire. So. Much. Blood. Since my embolization and ablation procedures there’s hardly any blood, which makes it harder to know […]

Why I’m kind to my ex

I was fascinated to watch Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project, on the Today Show last week, discussing why so many kids are struggling with anxiety. Click here to see the segment. Cuylenburg believes the keys to happiness are gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. He thinks we’re too focussed on what we don’t have […]

Going it alone

I love a good sunset. DD and I watched a glorious one yesterday as we ate fish and chips at Watson’s Bay ferry wharf. Then we popped our Gelato Messina cherry in Darlinghurst. It’s been widely hailed as Sydney’s best ice cream. DD stayed in the car and sent me inside to choose something yummy. […]

Eating chips in an igloo

I ate hot chips in an igloo last night … as you do. Actually, you usually don’t, but my life tends to have a slightly surreal quality to it. So I did. I can sense you thinking please explain … so I will. DD took me to a function that his corporate travel agency – […]

My lunch break was better than yours

OK, that’s a pretty big call – and slightly obnoxious – but I’m fairly confident I’ve taken the prize. At midday yesterday, I sat in the Drinks Trade boardroom with winemaker Ed Carr, from House of Arras, to try five of his sparkling wines. Not just any sparkling wines. One bottle we sipped was priced […]

Not a sex convo

Insomnia is a bitch, but something good came out of my recent bout. I was trying everything and anything to get to sleep. I recited The Lord’s Prayer over and over. I read a book. I did lots of deep breathing. Nothing worked. Then I started stroking my arm. I thought it might be soothing. […]

Why I messy cried watching Crazy Rich Asians

The youngest finds it more entertaining to watch me than the movie at the cinema because I invariably cry. I even sobbed in the Mamamia sequel ..: and not because Pierce’s singing was so bad. She insisted we see Crazy Rich Asians over the weekend – in between shuttling her to various school band performances […]

Paying the price for love

How was your Father’s Day? I know it’s a tough one for a lot of people. I hope you made it through OK. My family met in the middle-ish at Mooney Mooney Club for the Father’s Day set lunch. It was lovely to be together, even though we were down two grandchildren. My youngest was […]