Recipe of the week: Sausage, tomato & gnocchi bake

Welcome to week two of The HotHouse Kitchen. This week I'm sharing three recipes: Pepperoni and Avocado Linguine, Sausage, Gnocchi & Tomato Bake and Roast Tomato Soup. The pasta isn't haute, but it's the youngest's favourite thing I cook. I used to make it with bacon, then chorizo, but both are off the table now... Continue Reading →

Shake, shake, shake

Back when DD travelled waaaaaay too much for work, his ritual when he landed in a new city was to order a margarita at a bar. I've never considered myself a tequila fan, but last night changed my mind about his favourite cocktail. Remember how I thought I had a virtual tequila tasting on Tuesday... Continue Reading →

How you know

I'm obsessed with a show on Netflix called Atypical. It's comedy/drama about a high school student called Sam who has autism. In the first season he gets a girlfriend, but doesn't know whether he loves her … how can he tell? He decides, based on the facts, that he must. But then his therapist teaches... Continue Reading →

Good inside

I may be stuck in lockdown with two teenagers and two yappy, demanding dogs, but I'm feeling good inside. Well ... being stuck inside the house every day isn't great, but things are going pretty well inside Alana House. Perhaps I’ve reached another life milestone on the ageing path or maybe I’ve advanced on the... Continue Reading →

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