That was quick

I was steeling myself for a night of abstinence – from food, wine and fun – as I drove to pick the kids up from art class/skipping last night. I’d been so good all day. Well, my co-worker Michelle convinced me to have one of the little Malaysian cheese and pineapple tarts she’d baked. I […]

Trying to be good

Confession: I really didn’t like how I looked in the photos at Megz’s birthday party on Saturday night. I was so … ample. Some serious filtering and cropping took place before there was a pic I was prepared to publish. It seems the green-eyed maven I see in the mirror doesn’t translate to the digital […]

Getting back together

A long, long time ago, waaaaaaaaaay back when I was a weird kid with a spiral perm and braces on my teeth AND my jeans, I hung out with three mates called Trace, Megz and Mon. Megz had her “40+ Postage & Handling Birthday” party (she’s in denial about the big 5-0) on Saturday night, and […]

That was the sweetest thing

The eldest handed me a memory stick last night, filled with photos from my 50th birthday party. A uni student was tasked with taking the official shots on the night, but I asked the eldest use the Canon camera they got for Christmas to capture the atmosphere on the night. Like my ex, the eldest […]

People can change

A woman was strumming a guitar and crooning “I can’t help falling in love with you” as I walked through my local mall yesterday. Some schoolboys wandered past and started singing along. My local mall isn’t beautiful, but it was at that moment. And I started singing too. I was heading to Lowe’s to return […]

Nothing lasts

Not cars or whitegoods or marriages … Does your suburb have its own community Facebook group? My local one is filled with people asking for handyman recommendations or complaining about people parking too close to their driveways, with accompanying pics. Last week, someone asked for advice on whether they should buy a Renault. I had […]

It’s a conspiracy!

Conspiracy theories can be such a crack. Those nut jobs, for example, who think the world is flat are hilariously deluded. I’ve decided to start one of my own: media companies are paying “influencers” to save their skins/print editions. That’s the only implausible reason I can find for people suggesting newspaper makes the perfect substitute […]

My introspective heart

It was a full heart – and eyes – kind of weekend for me. Have you seen the episode of Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney? Heaps of people have shared it on my Facebook feed and I cried the whole way through it on Saturday afternoon. I was a bit startled by the level of […]

The battle rages on

“When your brain battles with your ovaries” … that was the title of a blog post I wrote in March 2016 that’s currently my second most popular article of the past 30 days. I have no idea why. Is it because lots of women’s brains are battling with their ovaries? Or because people are Googling […]

I blew the lot

You know you’re out of touch when you have to Google the Honey Badger. He was the special guest star at the launch of Iron Jack Full Strength Lager on Tuesday night at a fancy restaurant in Rosebery called The Blue Duck. I was more excited by the location – a friend gave me the […]