Scratching the itch

It’s been an itchy-scratchy kinda week in the Household. DD’s deck is usually a blissfully mozzie-free zone but the little bastards descended on Sunday night and went to town on me. I’m one of those annoying people that get bites the size of 50c pieces that hang around FOREVER. I followed it up on Monday […]


Envy is a curse

Or is it jealous that’s a curse? It’s so hot – I can’t think straight. It was still 32C in my neck of the woods when I got home after 10pm last night. Thirty two freaking degrees! I was deeply envious of the hum of my neighbours’ air-conditioning unit as I trudged past it to […]


He still doesn’t get it

I freaked my intern out again yesterday. I asked him to write me a press release on the drinks association’s upcoming awards night. I sent a few dot points to him via email to get around the whole thick accent problem and a few minutes later his confused head popped over the partition. “Um … […]


Just a quickie

I only have a few minutes to squeeze this in … I need to be at work at 7.15am as I’m off to a breakfast meeting in the city. Cue heavy breathing for all the wrong quickie reasons. A back-to-school week with the kids and a hectic work schedule have collided, and I’m feeling a […]


He’s never had WHAT?

I have an intern working for me at the moment. He’s from the greater Chicago area. He’s 21 and looks a little startled to be overseas for the first time. He also had quite a bit of trouble understanding what I was saying for the first few days. I do have quite a broad Aussie […]


Of course I’m not … you know …

I mean, I’m almost 49. My womb has been razed to the ground by a metal device heated to 180C. It’s more barren than Donald Trump’s heart. But, there’s something about your mum saying “maybe you’re pregnant” that makes an anxious over thinker anxiously over think. Especially when your medically trained significant other (who doesn’t […]



I haven’t felt able to blog over the past few days. My mojo deserted me last week and with it went any desire or ability to tap out a post. I’m pretty sure it’s chemical. I’m less than two months away from turning 49 and my body – and mind – is betraying me as […]


Going the retro route

It feels weird NOT to mention it, but I’m loathe to say “Happy Australia Day!” So many people AREN’T happy about it these days. Even my easygoing 10-year-old gave me a grilling last night, wanting to know why we were celebrating invading someone else’s country. So I’ll just say “Happy public holiday with family and […]