I’d never wish that on my child

I can’t get Mary-Kate Olsen’s face out of my mind. Ever since I saw the Olsen twins posing dourly at the Met Gala I’ve been a bit haunted by her. How does someone look that wan and sad and old at just 31? I hadn’t given the Olsen twins much thought until the youngest started […]

I did it again!

Yesterday was MAD. And exhausting. And often wonderful. It started at 6.30am, when I herded the kids out of bed for school. Actually, no. It started at 1am when I heard loud talking coming from the eldest’s room. The eldest couldn’t sleep and had decided to call a friend for a chat on speaker phone. […]

Did you think I’d crumble?

An article called “How to Survive Your 40s” popped into my Facebook feed yesterday and gave me a little fright. I thought “ooooh, some life advice!” then suddenly remembered I’ve moved into the “How to Survive Your 50s” years. Slow, deep breaths. I decided to read it anyway to see if it struck any retrospective […]

That’s a bit random

An interior designer who is besties with half of Hollywood just followed me on Instagram. Random. I was so suss when I saw the message on my phone. I thought it had to be the latest Insta scam … now all those follows from porn stars and lovelorn men with weird Insta handles have ebbed […]

A time for every purpose

I ate the most divine morsels on Sunday night. They were called “Spanner Crab Tacos” – spanner crab with coconut on a “crispy espresso crepe”. Totally freaking amazing. They are definitely on my most memorable dishes list. I once possessed an almost photographic memory of culinary moments in my life journey. Among the favourites were […]

Feeling jumpy

Go Team Teal! What an awesome weekend at the NSW/ACT State Skipping Championships. Also a stressful one for this anxious mum … When DD offered me a bite of his sausage sandwich after the youngest’s Double Dutch performance, my hands were shaking so much I had to turn him down. It had tomato sauce and […]

Sneaky getaway

When the weather app predicted a balmy 27C yesterday, I asked my boss if I could take a half-day holiday. I needed some ocean therapy and figured it had to be the last warm day of autumn, being May and all. I’d have taken a full day off, but the alcohol news doesn’t stop pouring […]

Little things

I love randomly running into my sister at the coffee shop, on the street, in the park … It used to be pretty standard – people stayed closer to their families as they moved into adulthood – but it feels like a lovely privilege to live in the same neighbourhood as my sibling. I was […]

I kinda jinxed it

I opened the first-ever bank account for one of my children yesterday. Milestones … The youngest scored a job earlier this year as a skipping a coach and needed somewhere to deposit her earnings. My ex  was initially charged with the task, but he can get a little distracted. For example, I discovered a few […]

Whatever floats your boat

When I shop these days its usually for the kids, so I was stoked to buy myself a frock yesterday. I used a DJs gift card that my dear friends Nic and Orsola gave me for my birthday. I love my new frock, but geez it was a struggle to find something. Winter clothes are […]