So many likes

While I was watching Harry Styles clips on Saturday night, the youngest was swanning around with four generations of Bob Hawke’s family at the official launch the Bob Hawke Beer and Leisure Centre in Marrickville. I was very, very jealous, as I have a bit of a girl crush on Albo. It's even bigger than... Continue Reading →

Clocking off

I was scrolling through LinkedIn yesterday when I saw a post by Arianna Huffington that said: "Studies show that Americans leave around a third of their vacation days unused." What??? She’s talking about a country where most people only get two weeks annual leave. And they don’t take it??? Are they insane? In the good... Continue Reading →

No answers

Warning: this blog post describes lady plumbing issues. The doctor rang yesterday afternoon with the test results from my wee sample. There was no infection remaining, just a bit of blood. There has been a bit of blood in my urine samples for about three years now, but I have been studiously ignoring it because... Continue Reading →

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