He’s too cute

I needed some cuddle therapy last night, so I popped over to my friend Mel’s place to play with her new puppy. Isn’t he adorable? And this is what he looks like when he’s not being smooshed by me … Oh, and this shot is beyond adorable too … I’ve had a few stressful days, […]

Too many bridges to cross

I really need to stop relying on my brain as my calendar. It’s running out of disc space and isn’t retaining stuff like it once did. I was supposed to be visiting my friend in jail on Sunday morning, but I forgot I’d registered to do the Seven Bridges Walk. The Cancer Council holds the […]

Ready to pop

Going to a free Champagne-filled lunch at Aria Restaurant isn’t something that would normally make me gasp “oh no!”, but I totally freaked out when I was sent a reminder yesterday that I was expected at one in a few hours time. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that particular RSVP. I don’t usually agreed to […]

Each to their own

I have a gardener coming over on Saturday to quote on restoring my overgrown backyard to order. He did a bit of landscaping for DD, who proclaimed him to be a very hard worker and forwarded his details to me. The gardener and I texted each other back and forth on Tuesday night to come […]

Total sucker

It’s amazing how quickly you forget how much work children can be. My kids were only gone for 18 days, but I managed to completely blank out how busy my evenings and mornings are when they’re home. For instance, this whole cooking dinner every night business is a bit of a drag. I made spag […]

I forgot something

I’ve been a little remiss. You’d think not having your kids around for 18 days would mean you’d get so much done, but it went by so fast. In between the National Rope Skipping Competition, getting the kids ready for their overseas trip, heading to Perth, having our flight home cancelled, working five days a […]

It’s the little things

I love how the smallest of moments can be the most fun. DD invited me to stay at his place last Thursday night, as the kids were still overseas and my weight of responsibility was much lighter than usual. I hooned up to his place after work with a tub of homemade Mexican meatballs in […]

Too much experience

“Experiential” is the hot word in booze right now. It’s not enough to let Milennials taste a liquor brand, they need to be immersed in its “story”. There’s even a whole category for it at the upcoming Golden Target Awards – the public relations industry’s longest running awards night: Experiential Campaign of the Year. Two […]

He fixed it

DD was kind enough to fix my broken bed and washing machine this week. Both were the opposite of fun tasks, but he was so good natured about helping out. He actually enjoys being a handyman. I still shudder at the memory of my ex offering to put my bed together when I moved into […]

So much happened

My middle name is Maree, but it often feels like it should be “Drama Central”. This year has been a corker for dramas. Freaking shocking. But I look at the veiled comments that people I’m connected to on Facebook have been making lately … they usually only vaguely hint at the troubles they’ve been having […]