I wish I could bottle that joy

It took months of nagging, but the youngest finally got her dental appointment last weekend. I’ve never seen a child so intent on having their teeth checked and slathered with flouride. Weirdo. She gets obsessed with the funniest things  –  there’s also been an extended campaign for new pyjamas. Not just any pyjamas, only a […]

Falling from a great height

My forehead is pretty smooth for a 49-year-old … well … aside from a stress ridge between my eyebrows and a little curved one above my right eye. The little curved one is rather telling – it’s my WTF/FFS wrinkle. I have zero time for people who are prima donnas, play mind games or engage […]

Trying to pull my blinkers off

I don’t look like a middle-aged white male – well, I hope I don’t – but I’ve realised I think a lot like one over the past few months. One of my responsibilities in my new job is to convene a diversity and inclusion council. As a result, I hear – and report – a […]

A lot can happen in 24 hours

Yesterday was one of those golden moments when everything seemed right in my world. Unfortunately, the greater world had a rough time of it, what with people suggesting they had bombs on Albury-bound planes and blokes holding escorts hostage and killing people in Melbourne and upheaval in the Middle East  … far out … but […]

Why I won’t be blending families

A parenting website called Scary Mommy posted a story that resonated with me yesterday – it was about blended families and why it’s so tough to make them work. The author, Kate Chapman, wrote: “The truth is no one wants to be in a blended family. Born of grief and failure, blended families are messy, […]

I will never understand

I started researching “private islands for sale” again yesterday, after waking to the horror of more terror attacks in the UK. There is so much hate in the world. I want to run away and hide from it. I usually avoid world events on the blog – I figure you’re bombarded enough without my two […]

That’s the way I like it

I’m such a pedantic thing. Stuff must be done a certain way or my head feels like it will explode. I find change stressful. I like order. I love to plan. I hate being late. (It’s not old age. I’ve been like it forever.) There is nothing calm or ordered or planned or early about […]

Is he worth it?

Soooo, every man and his dog has been tagging me on Facebook to let me know David Duchovny is touring Australia … as a singer. Waaaaay back in the ’90s, when I was the production editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, I was totally obsessed with David Duchovny. My office was plastered with pictures of The X-Files star and […]

Vivid memories

Full disclosure: Vivid 2017 wasn’t – as my youngest would say – my favourite. But it was still pretty magical. I love a sparkly light. I may have mentioned my only disappointment with my wedding prep (aside from failing to book a cab to the ceremony) was that there weren’t enough fairylights. I loooooooove fairy […]

Tiptoeing on the edge of tragedy

A couple of friends shared an article on my Facebook feed over the weekend called “The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children” – which sounds rather melodramatic, but was actually scarily spot-on. According to the author, Victoria Prooday, Our children are in a devastating emotional state.  1 in 5 children has mental health problems  43% increase in ADHD […]