It could have been me

Entitled, stupid, silly ... These are the words people are using to describe the dozens of Australian tourists stuck in hotel quarantine in Fiji after testing positive to COVID-19. I narrowly avoided becoming one of them - entitled, stupid and silly, but in quarantine at home. Sunrise interviewed a woman who tested positive two days... Continue Reading →

The COVID curve

It still doesn’t seem real that I have COVID-19. It’s a bad dream that I haven’t processed yet. That said, I skitter very nervously out the front door to put rubbish in the bin, panicking that helicopters will swoop down and police on megaphones will yell “Get back in the house! Get back in the... Continue Reading →

Lost for words

So, that superspreader event is getting a bit hairy in Newcastle … but that's not what I'm lost for words about. (Though I hope they charge the person who ignored self-isolation rules after being part of a party boat outbreak in Sydney and instead visited Argyle House to start a new cluster there.) (And its... Continue Reading →

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