It got a little wild

Remember the Sailor Jerry event I missed on Monday? My colleague tells me it got a little wild. He was hoarse the next day from yelling above the noise … and was sporting a fetching dagger tattoo on his inner ankle. He also didn’t spot a burger the whole night because the place was so […]

Not too peachy

The youngest is still crook in bed after skipping up a storm in Canberra. I texted her at lunchtime yesterday to ask if she wanted anything from Woolies and she replied: “Yes please, can I have some no-sugar Lindt chocolate and a hard peach?” So specific! I delivered both obscure items to her bedside last […]

No Sailor hijinks for me

I was meant to be partying at a Sailor Jerry rum launch in the city last night. But I cooked spag bol in the suburbs instead. The party was held at a bar called Ramblin’ Rascal to launch a new Sailor Jerry premix drink in a can. They often hold these shindigs on a Monday […]

Feeling jumpy

The NSW/ACT Jump Rope Championships were held at the AIS in Canberra over the weekend. As it was Father’s Day, I suggested my ex be the stage dad, while I supervised the eldest in Sydney. Also, while I come in handy as an assistant at the T-shirt shop during comps, my ex has been trained […]

That was beautiful

Fleetwood Mac crept up on me. They weren’t on my playlist for the first few decades of my life. I thought “Tusk” was a pretty cool song, but that was about it. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with so many of their songs. I wouldn’t say I’m a diehard fan, but I […]

Calm down

When we’re in the surf together, DD will sometimes hug me tightly from behind as a wave breaks in front of us. I can’t jump or dive or turn my back, so the salty water crashes over my face. In a previous life, it would have made me very cranky. In this life, it makes […]

The last taboo

There are lots of sucky, nasty, addictive and other generally unpleasant things about social media, but there are also times when its a winner. I love when it delivers an article into my Facebook newsfeed that contains an “aha” moment. I had one yesterday while reading an article in The Guardian called ‘I miss what […]

You can’t do that

I was soooo tired yesterday. It’s a bit confronting to realise you can’t do two nights of four hours sleep in one week – one in the emergency department, one for the Australian Drinks Awards – and stay functional like you once did. Damn the downsides of being in your 50s … On the other hand, […]

Happiness or money?

I know unhappily married couples who’ve stayed together because they don’t want to divvy up their assets and start over again financially later in life. While the love is gone, their coffers are full and they’ve made their peace with that. I understand the temptation to choose the easier life. Starting over financially is bloody […]

It’s party time

I helped throw a party last night. Well, it wasn’t exactly a party, but there was lots of champagne and a band and everything. It was the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards and I was there as the communications manager. Unfortunately that meant I was working and had to leave early to get all the comms […]