Moving on

Broken marriages are bloody awful things. Telling your kids that mum and dad are separating is a terrible grenade to throw into their lives. And then there’s the toll it takes on you. It’s a shocker all round. But you know what helps? Damage control. And moving on. Damage control means not slagging off your […]

Mother lode

I was terrified when I discovered I was pregnant 16 years ago. I’d given myself until I turned 35 to decide whether I wanted children. I still wasn’t sure, but thought I’d better give it a go before my fertility packed it in. When I was about six weeks pregnant, my boss announced – over […]

Yeah, nah, REALLY?

I took the youngest to the ear, nose and throat specialist yesterday. I felt like crying as his assistant ran me through how much it was going to cost to fix her breathing problems. She has a deviated septum and horribly swollen adenoids. Her tonsils are also pretty bad, but the surgeon is going to […]

Thanks for the memories

I’m suffering from a massive case of FOMO while DD attends a conference in North Carolina this week. I went along for the ride last time he business tripped his way to Raleigh in 2016. Now he’s there without me. Sad face. We had the most awesome holiday after his official duties were completed. And […]

We all grew strong

A wonderful thing has happened: my friend Jodie finally got to hug her son after a four-year separation. Jodie has been living in Jordan for the past 18 months, fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband in the Islamic law courts. “Court in Australia is intimidating, well, multiply that by a hundred,” she told Nine […]

No leg to stand on

Next time you’re tempted to think travelling for work is a glamorous perk … don’t. DD left my place at 6.15am on Sunday morning to travel to the US. He arrived at his hotel around 2pm on Monday. It took three flights to get him there, via Tokyo and Chicago, as that was the most […]

The right direction

You don’t expect to have an epiphany while watching a comedy video, but it happened to me on Saturday night. DD and I were laughing at a Tim Minchin concert video when he started to sing a song savaging a critic who gave him a bad review. One of the lines in the song was […]

Are they kidding?

The youngest is getting braces on Monday. She seems very excited, which I find odd, as there’s nothing fun about braces. I’ve suffered one glued to the back of my four front teeth for 35 years. I was one of the firstguinea pigs for permanent braces in Australia. My orthodontist saw the idea at a […]

The ultimate freak out

You know how the universe specialises in sending crazy stuff my way? Well … I thought it had totally outdone itself a few weeks ago. I was too paranoid to tell you about it until I was sure I was in the clear. Sooooooo, DD and I had lunch recently with a friend who is […]