He’s got to be kidding

DD texted a holiday suggestion to me yesterday and I almost lost my lunch. It was called “The Gutsy Challenge” and involved walking Cape to Cape through Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. The walk averages around 25km a day for seven days and traverses the most stunning landscapes. You’re probably thinking “Oh that sounds nice!” I […]

Halloween horror story

Do you mark Halloween by posting Grinchy memes like this one on Facebook: Or are you the go-with-the-flow, let’s-enjoy-the-rare-burst-of-community-interaction type? I’m the latter. But, before the sugary stuff, I’m going to tell you a scary story. I kicked off Halloween by waving a metaphorical red flag that announced to the world: “I’m old!” I bought […]

Broken promises

It’s the fourth anniversary of my first proper date with DD this week. I say “proper” because I don’t count meeting for an hour in a suburban pub to check if there’s any chemistry between you a “real” date. The anniversary of THAT was October 12. This is what DD recalls about our mutual scouting […]

This huge new territory

I’m feeling soooooooo sentimental this week, which makes a nice change from feeling sooooooo cranky last week. I presume it’s part of the mercurial ageing process that author Martin Amis talked about. Remember me quoting him a few weeks ago, musing on his 50s: “Suddenly you’ve got this huge new territory inside you, which is […]

Getting some mundane into me

I really needed some peace in my weekend. And I was determined to get it. Things didn’t get off to a great start. Parramatta police called at 11.30pm on Friday night to ask about the eldest’s 15-year-old friend, who is still missing. Sadly, we have no idea where he is. Fortunately, the 13 year old […]

Better be home soon

I’m not sad to see this week over. It’s been a bit of a shocker. Two of the eldest’s friends – together with a younger sister – ran away from home. Many stressful phone calls from the police and parents have filled the last four days. It has been the opposite of fun. Two of […]

I promised you something funny

I promised to be funny today, but nothing remotely funny has happened in past 24 hours. Things have been very serious and business like. So I’m going to plunder my back catalogue and reblog one of my most popular posts from the past seven years. It comes a looooooong way behind my all-time No.1 blog post […]

Writing on the wall

I am sooooooooo cranky. It’s probably hormones. My boobs are hurting like Hades this week. I’ve acquired a substantial set of norks in my old age. They appeared out of nowhere – I was so flat chested in my youth that I was still going bra-less at 35. But these days my cup runneth over […]