Reaching for the Kleenex

I had an amazing day yesterday that included shaking hands with Turia Pitt and shooting the breeze with bigwigs in the drinks industry including the Chairman of Coca-Cola Amatil and the MD of Bacardi-Martini. It was the International Women’s Day event for Women in Drinks and I was there as social media manager for WID […]

I shouldn’t knock it

I got the most awesome 50th birthday present from the government last night – an invitation to have a free bowel cancer test. Hooray! Thank you! I suppose I shouldn’t knock it. It’s very thoughtful of them really. But way to make me feel old. It didn’t help that I was already feeling pretty ancient […]

Knowing when to draw the line

I’m a bit obsessive … about everything … but particularly about trying to be a good person. It tortures me when I think I’ve fallen down in that regard. And I’m pretty sure I’ve failed over the past few days. Surged of white hot rage keep blasting out of me. I’m usually much better at […]

Getting some perspective

As I was leaving work last night I realised a rather monumental occasion had passed me by: the Academy Awards! The Oscars used to be so BIG for me, these days they mean very little. I was far more interested in helping DD choose carpet for his new place at my brother in law’s flooring […]

I had to go

When it feels like I’m not keeping my head above water I get this overwhelming urge to go swimming. Ironic, huh? I may have misled you in past blog posts about what I mean by “swimming”. I can’t swim. My parents sent me for endless lessons as a kid and they just didn’t stick. The […]

I underestimated him

I didn’t feel like trekking across Sydney to see Robbie Williams in concert at the Qudos Arena. I was tired and frazzled and out of sorts. The kids’ hectic new school schedules have been a bit of a jolt. I was even less keen when I got stuck in a traffic jam and it took […]

Thinking the worst

I woke up yesterday with a stiff finger. That sounds rude … Sadly, it’s the opposite – I’m terrified it’s  arthritis. It’s my index finger on my right hand and it’s sore and swollen around the middle joint. Can arthritis start in just one finger? Aside from it being very blah to have arthritis, it’s […]

Like you’ve never been hurt

Stop waiting until you lose weight, until you gain weight, until you have kids, until your kids leave the house, until you start work, until you retire, until you get married, until you get divorced, until Friday night, until Sunday morning, until you get a new car or home, until your car or home is […]

She was there for me

When I first became a journalist my dream was to write about fashion. Not Chanel or Gucci or anything fancy like that. Fashion for real people. My favourite Aussie labels were Ojay and Time … ring any bells among the middle-aged crowd? Instead, I became a cadet journalist at The Newcastle Herald, covering coward punches […]

Not what I had in mind

It’s been more than three years and I still haven’t spent a weekend at DD’s place. Last weekend was supposed to finally be The One. But, of course, things didn’t turn out the way I’d planned. They. Never. Do. My friend Megz took over my house for a few days while her super fish daughter […]