Six years later

Housegoeshome turns six this month. It’s been quite the journey. I started blogging when I was freaking out about being unemployed after 20 years at ACP Magazines. The blog gave a creative centre to my days, it was a life buoy to clutch.

I don’t enjoy reading those first few blog posts because they’re so bleak and raw, not to mention a little dodgy on the writing skills. I’ve found my stride along the way, 2497 posts later.

Actually, the first four years of the blog were pretty bleak and raw, documenting an unhappy marriage as it slowly crumbled.

I was blogging pretty obsessively during those years, as I hid from my husband in the study, furiously tapping away. At one point I was pumping out three posts a day.

I had aspirations to start my own lifestyle site, so I wrote a personal post, a food or decor post and a gossip post daily.

Some of them are among the most viewed on the site – ‘Princess Kate’s nude scandal’, ‘Amazing celebrity houses (and wife swaps) revealed’, ’10 amazing loot bags’, ’11 wacky wedding poses’, ’10 clever Christmas cupcake ideas’, ‘The week in gossip – These orgasm faces can never be unseen’ …

Speaking of orgasms, sex stillreels ’em in every time. It’s been the inadvertent source of the most traffic to the site, from the ‘A funny thing happened when I talked about sex’ post that’s up to more than 42,000 views, through to other Top 20 entries such as ‘I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs’, ‘Ever imagined being ravished by a triceratops?’, ‘Naked and alone with a woman’ and ‘Shoot, shag or marry’ … (Type ‘thighs’ or ‘triceratops’ or ‘shag’ into the search box of Housegoeshome if you’re curious, I’m too sleepy to link them.)

Housegoeshome got a makeover a little while back, a new look to reflect its new direction and I added “the end was just the beginning” tagline. Confession: a new beginning at my stage in life is a little scary, especially when you’re as change averse as I am.

I often consider retiring the blog. Its public nature means it’s sometimes read by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. And there are days that I struggle think of anything to say (I’ve wound down to five posts a week to allow time to recharge). But there are also days when someone lets me know that following my journey has helped them feel less alone in theirs, which gives me hope there is method to my written madness.

Happy birthday to Housegoeshome! Thank you, loyal reader, for being part of the fun. I’m thrilled so many of you stop by each day.

Song of the day: Elton John “Candle in the wind”




6 thoughts on “Six years later

  1. Happy blog bday to you, and thanks for your wonderful, brilliant, funny, sad, mad and perfectly imperfect blog posts.

  2. I love your blog. It’s like reading a good book and I look forward to the next installments. Congratulations on 6 enormous years xx

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