I don’t think there’s a way

It’s been quite the festival of fancy wine over the past week. First I had my boss’ farewell lunch on Wednesday, then I went to the Wine Communicators of Australia Sydney Royal Wine Show Trophy Winners lunch on Friday and today I’m off to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards … I’ve lucked into an awesome job.

Although I didn’t feel so lucky on Friday night when I tottered home after the Trophy Winners’ Lunch. As previously blogged, drinking doesn’t agree with me during daylight hours. But how could I NOT when there were bottles of trophy winning wine lined up on my table? The Best Wine of Show – RieslingFreak (first time a riesling has won since 2003) was AMAZING.

I decided to try drinking slowly and steadily to see how that went. It seemed to go OK until 4pm when I wobbled out of Doltone House Hyde Park in search of a double shot flat white to sustain me for the 50th birthday party and netball match ahead.

I managed a pathetic 30 minutes at fellow skipping mum Jane’s 50th before I slumped into my friend Fee’s car and hitched a lift home. Sorry Jane.

When I got there the youngest was merrily playing snooker with her dad on the dining table while the eldest slouched on a kitchen stool looking at her phone.

It was a bit weird to do the happy family thing waiting for netball to start.

(Especially with an encroaching hangover. I think I’ve scientifically proven – after extensive testing – that there ISN’T a way I can drink during the day unscathed.)

It’s fabulous for the kids that we can all hang it together, but a little unsettling for me. Then we headed down to the netball courts to watch her team lose spectacularly again. Bless their cotton socks.

And then I made my weary way home to my empty house for one of those tossy-turny nights you have after too much alcohol. Blerk.

I woke up Saturday morning hoping to have rebooted, but I still felt a bit off. Not hungover, just tired from the crappy night’s sleep. I walked it off first with some school mums and then with my lovely friend Wendy, who I met waaaaay back during my first job in Sydney at Studio magazine.

I’ll tell you about the rest of my weekend later. It went a bit pear shaped. In the meantime, here are some pervy pics from the lunch on Friday:


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