You reap what you sow

Remember being told as a kid not to pull faces because the wind might change and leave you like that?

Even though I knew it wasn’t true, it still scared me a bit.

And you know what? That old wives’ tale was kinda true. If you pull a face enough, it does stay like that.

I’ve spent my whole life knitting my eyebrows together into a concerned little frown. And now, at age 48, I have two permanent, deep furrows between my brows.

This is going to make me sound very vain, but they’re ruining my selfies.

I sat at the Justin Hemmes-ified Newport Arms Hotel on Sunday afternoon trying to take a nice photo of myself with my cider for Instagram and it was impossible – I looked like an old hag in every single shot. DD gave it a go, but I wasn’t happy with any of his snaps either. I just looked ooooooooold and wrinkly. So I gave up and took a photo of my cider instead.

First-world problem, I know.

But let that be a warning to you, scowling teens!

Anyways, I was at the Newport Arms because, after 20 days of sickness – I was still sneezing, snotting and snoring yesterday, but I finally seem to be drying up today – I decided I needed an escape from reality (and responsibility).

I booked the dogs into a kennel and drove up to the Northern Beaches.

Reality still found ways to punch me sharply in the solar plexus a few times, but it also let me sleep in until 8am yesterday, have a lovely waterfront lunch and enjoy a gorgeous sunset ferry ride.

All too soon, it’s back to normal life. The youngest arrives soon for pupil-free day entertainment and her little friend gets dropped off soon after. They want to go to the beach. The weather app on my phone is promising a wan 22C …


Here are some pretty pictures from yesterday (and a couple of dodgy ones):

Song of the day: Billy Joel “Tell her about it”


5 thoughts on “You reap what you sow

  1. I understand your dislike of your frown lines… i will only take a selfie if i have sunnies on or makeup, to hide the black circles that is all i see when a pic is taken…

  2. I don’t know what you re talking about, but perhaps if you stopped looking into the sun when you are having your photo taken it might help!
    Seriously though you are gorgeous! Glad you are feeling better and had a lovely day out!

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