Not how I thought it would be

What did you think being 50 would be like when you were 20 … or 30 … or even 40?

I thought 50 was really, really old.

Although … I remember working at ACP Magazines as a 24-year-old and thinking the 35-year-olds were geriatric, so everything’s relative.

I don’t feel like an old woman with my best years behind me – I’m right in the middle of the good stuff.

The world got a bit greyscale in my mid 40s, but it’s exploded into technicolour over the past few years.

The collagen levels may be letting me down, but on balance I’m having a bloody good time.

Though the weekend was a bit too turbo charged.

I threw a 12th birthday party for the youngest at my sister’s gorgeous place. She was sooooo kind to let us borrow it for four hours so 20 pre-teens go wild in the pool and spa.

It was one of the easiest parties I’ve ever held. Just chips and lollies, a stack of pizzas from Pizza Hut, and an Easter egg hunt so the kids could DIY their own take-home lolly bags (in cute plastic bags that looked like carrots).

I thought the cake would be easy peasy too – just two round vanilla cakes baked the night before, then covered in pre-bought chocolate icing and Maltesers on the day. I whacked it on a cake stand and stuck it on the youngest’s lap for the trip to my sister’s place in 28C heat … only to hear the terrifying sound of plink, plink, plinking from the back seat as all the Maltesers started sliding off the icing. I may have become slightly hysterical …

I haphazardly shoved them back on at my sister’s place, stuck the cake in the fridge and hoped for the best.

Here are some snaps from the bash. I couldn’t take very many because I was instructed by the party girl to be discreet:

Yesterday, I descended into the hell that is moving house, except I wasn’t moving house, it was DD … and he’d left it all until the last minute.

It was a total shambles and there weren’t enough boxes or time or patience. It was a pretty unrelentingly horrible nine hours, apart from squeezing in a beach swim to wash off the stress and sweat.

We both looked like zombies when I left his new place last night.

DD’s removalists are arriving any minute now to move all his stuff into the new pad. He’s set to have the day from hell.

I’m still totally knackered. I hate to think how he’ll feel tonight. But hopefully it will be tinged with the excitement that comes from finally having a place of your own.

Confession: I DID feel pretty old last night as I wearily headed home. But I know there are many ups to come after the downs.

Bring on the four-day Easter break!

And always remember to …

Love this life … Don’t wait till the next one comes …

Song of the day: Crowded House “Love this life”



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  1. Loving the carrot party bags! Having recently turned 40, I found the weeks leading up to it worse than the actual day. Did a 5km walk on the weekend and feel every one of those 40 years today 🙂

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