That wasn’t the end

I may have implied I was starting a break in yesterday’s blog. Ooops. You’re stuck with me for one more day.

I really should have called it quits then though, as I’m just going to grumble …

Gripe No.1: How many times a week do you get unsolicited calls on your mobile phone from someone trying to sell you something?

It happens to me every freaking day. I mostly ignore numbers I don’t know, but every now and then I worry it’s an emergency and pick up and invariably regret it. I did that yesterday. The poor bloke being paid a pittance to harass me could barely speak English, so it took a while to get to the bottom of what he wanted and hang up on him.

It’s always the same: the person on the other end of the phone either asks for me by name or my 12-year-old by name (creepy) and then begins their rambling spiel and it makes me feel VERY CROSS.

I don’t think people should be able to make unsolicited calls. I think they should be banned. It feels like a violation.

Mind you, a friend told me she had an unsolicited person turn up on her doorstep at 7.30pm at night trying to sell her something, which is even more of a violation.


Gripe No.2 I was halfway through making an online photobook last night when the internet went bung.

I’m not quite ready to check how much work I’ve lost.

I usually think I’ve done something stupid, but in this case it appears the entire iinet network crashed for five hours.

IMG_2236It was very entertaining to follow an outage site and read all the disgruntled messages and speculation that it was caused by an alien invasion.

But so much for the eldest’ homework, that was stuffed.

Did your internet go down?

On a happier note … I have an early mark from work today! Yay! So I’m off for a swim. It’s quite a novelty having a balmy Easter Eve arvo to splash in the surf, before picking the kids up from rock climbing and skipping.

I can’t wait. I promise to swim between the flags.

And then I won’t know myself having four days of not being the booze news queen.

Today’s newsletter is a corker … so to speak … there’s Bacardi predicting a premium rum boom; Heineken Light pulling a “racist” ad; how Diageo made RTDs sexy again (RTDs are ready-to-drink mixed concoctions); and calls for compensation after the “catastrophic” container deposit scheme impact on small business, just to name a few.

I’m quite passionate about the CDS mess. Perhaps it’s best not to invite me to a dinner party until I calm down.

I’m mildly concerned about the booze news continuing without me over the Easter holiday. I had no idea that the United States, for example, doesn’t have a holiday on Good Friday.

I thought Good Friday was second only to Christmas in its public holiday status.


Anyways, have a good break and I’ll catch you on Tuesday.

Song of the day: Madonna “I deserve it”

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