Sting in the tail

So I stopped … well, as much as I ever stop … and had a four-day break from blogging and work over Easter … and, of course,  the usual dramas unfolded … including – though it ended up being the least of my problems – getting a bit crook … which is what always happens when I stop.

I’ve spent sooooo many holidays as a snot factory.

This time it was just a mild sore throat and sniffles and lethargy, but it cramped my style because I was redecorating and needed to be high energy.

I never do redecorating by half measures. It usually involves moving very large pieces of furniture into completely different parts of the house.

This time it was a shelving unit, which I think I mentioned on the blog last week – the one that used to be in the playroom at the old house and then was moved into the eldest’s bedroom in the new house, filled with crap and never touched again for three years.

And wasn’t it an icky treasure trove! There may have been mouse poo … and gnaw marks on my vintage copy of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

What is it with teenagers and uneaten sandwiches left to rot in their out-of-bounds-to-adults rooms?


Well, the eldest had been saying they wanted a pet rat … they just didn’t realise they already had one …

Anyways, the storage unit has been scrubbed and repurposed as a bookcase in the living room. I’m quite in love with how it looks …

I think it really finishes the space off nicely.

Once you get me started though, I become a little frenzied. So I’ve dusted off a bedhead from the garage and put it in the youngest’s room, where I think it’s also looking mighty fine (though there’s a twirly bit that’s snapped off that I need to locate) …

And a little bookshelf from the family room has become shoe storage in my bedroom.

And I’m about to turn the dining table into a desk in the eldest’s room. I’ve always wanted a bar table-style dining table. I’ve spotted this Tolix replica for only $169 online …

And I already have some matching cheapo stools from Kmart, I just need to grab one more, and it will become an island bench/dining table that fills the kitchen space much better than the current set up, which was visualised by me without professional assistance and, as a result, the dimensions are a bit not right.

Though the Tolix replica bar table will have to wait a while because I realised on Good Friday that my new credit card hadn’t arrive to replace the one that expired on March 31st – thanks a million St George – so I’m credit-less until I can harass someone post-Easter and get a new one sorted out … while simultaneously being hassled to send my final payment for the World Skipping Championships … which is a bit tricky when I don’t actually have $2000 lying around … because it turns out I forgot to pay my water bill for six months, so it was freaking HUGE and they were starting to get very cross about it being in arrears.

I thought I’d be safe over Easter from bill harassment but, dammit, it seems bill harassers don’t take a break over Easter.

And then I woke up on Monday morning, decided to vacuum my hall and discovered little rivulets of water running down the walls (this was BEFORE it started pissing down with rain outside).

So I’m working from home today while I wait for a plumber to arrive and tell me what fresh horror has unfolded in my ceiling and how much it will cost to fix.

It wasn’t all sneezes and panic though.

I managed to squeeze in four ocean swims over the break, which were totally lovely (and free!) including the most sublime one last night at sunset. The sky was a glorious shade of pink and the water glittered like something in a fairytale (pic courtesy of the talented DD) …

I felt like the luckiest unlucky 50-year-old single mum in the world as I splashed in that lovely water.

There were also four chittery chattery walks with friends and family (also free!). And lots of love and cuddles from the kids and DD (ditto on the free-ness).

Plus, I cooked myself a chicken and leek risotto last night, which I’d been craving badly all week. It was delish and included a heaped tablespoon of chilli jam that the caterers gifted me after my 50th.

So many special things are free. And fortunately they’re all on my favourites list!

(Keep your fingers crossed for me on the leaking pipe front … I’m a tiny bit anxious about it.)

Were there lots of favourite things in your Easter break?

Song of the day: Stevie Nicks “Edge of 17” (how freaking awesome is this song? Soooo awesome! Stevie Nicks’ voice blows my mind – I had it up so loud in the car on Sunday night)

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