Not very slimming

I might be Communications Manager for The Drinks Association, but swear I don’t get invited to many boozy events.

Well, I didn’t, but things seem to be hotting up.

My increasingly squishy belly is destined to become even squishier … cause they don’t serve quinoa salads and grilled tofu at those things … its more a slider burger and pie & pea floater scene.

This week I faced the dilemma of clashing booze events.

Oh no, poor me.

A lovely woman I know from Lion – the beer people – rang on Wednesday to check if I was going to the opening of James Squire’s seventh brewhouse, The Squire’s Landing, at Circular Quay’s Overseas Passenger terminal last night.

It featured tastings of “The Wreck” – a brew crafted from yeast revived from the 220 year old ‘Sydney Cove’ Shipwreck.

I have a thing for antiques and dinosaurs and kooky stuff, so I reckon that’s pretty cool.

But, nope, didn’t get an invite.

She immediately emailed one and asked if I could make it. I couldn’t because I was going to a media dinner at the newly opened Holy Duck restaurant in Castlecrag.

I also have a thing for roast duck, so I’d hastily signed up for that one earlier in the week.

The PR for Holy Duck emailed yesterday morning saying “we’re going to be sampling some of the restaurants signature dishes, from crispy duck pancakes, Dim Sum, San Choi Bao, deserts, cocktails and more…”

Ermagerd! Yum!

I normally turn down Thursday invites because I have the kids, but last night was the only time my friend Rebecca had free to catch up in forever, so I broke my usual rule and invited her along to Holy Duck as my “plus one”.

As small worldness would have it, I was seated with Josie’s Juice, a blogger I met yonks ago at a Hotel Transylvania event. Much chitter chatter ensued as we caught up in the real world.

As it never rains but it pours, I received a text during dinner from my Drinks Trade magazine mate Hannah, who was at the Hunter Valley Wine Awards and wanted to know if I could live tweet the winners.

Normally, yes. Last night, no. I was too busy talking and taking photos of my food.

Holy Duck was delicious. Here’s a pic of the menu for our special dinner:

We kicked off with a “Let’s Get This Party Quacking” cocktail featuring organic honey and pink grapefruit paloma. Then it was dumplings and roast meats and duck pancakes and san choi bao and fried rice.

Nom nom.

My favourite was the Chicken San Choi Bao with yellow pickle, chilli, basil and crispies.

I could have eaten the whole plate, but I had to share it with two of our hosts, Rebecca and Josie and Josie’s business partner The Wog With The Grog … who nodded sagely when I started raving about trying Primitivo wine last week and falling in love with it.

As is my way, I also managing to regale the table within the first five minutes with both my Mrs Geoffrey Rush AND Anthony La Pudgier yelling at me tales.

Here are some happy snaps of my dinner:

Between courses, Rebecca and I caught up on the last few months of each other’s lives, including the fact that she walked into my birthday party thinking she wouldn’t know a soul, but it turned out she knows DD’s friends Anthony and Louise.

That is TOOOOO freaky, considering my friend Sue – who also thought she wouldn’t know anyone – had the exact same thing happen to her that night.

What is it with me and small worldness?

Back to last night … the youngest started texting me halfway through dinner wanting to know when I would be home … I thought it was so sweet that she was missing me. So I took a quick bite of my dessert, said my goodbyes and headed off.

But it turned out she just wanted help finding her Fit Bit charger.


Song of the day:  John Waite “Missing you”

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