That wasn’t appropriate

Hasn’t the weather been glorious over the past few days?

Well, it has been in my neck of the woods. Hopefully in yours too.

I’m not coping with beach season being over, so I convinced DD to take a brisk dip with me in the fading afternoon sun …


It was a lovely, hodge-podgey weekend – lots of kid run-around interspersed with moments of panic and wonder.

I enjoyed a glass of chardy with this view at a kids’ party pick up …


I came even closer to winning Mother of the Year by taking the kids to Deadpool 2, which was horrifyingly violent but somehow endearing at the same time.

Even more horrifying was the short that showed beforehand for The Happytime Murders, which included a scene where a puppet extravagantly ejaculates all over the room.

I’d have preferred my 12 year old not to be sitting beside me as I tried to stifle my horrified giggles.

Stage whisper: “Don’t tell your father about this.”

The movie has the tagline “No Sesame. All Street” on its promotional material. The creators of Sesame Street are so cross they’ve launched a lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the movie tarnishes the Sesame Street brand and confuses people into thinking the two are linked.

Yeah, nah, but I can understand why they’re upset.

Afterwards, the kids and I checked out Vivid Chatswood, which was a heaving, crowded, chaotic experience. We grabbed some food, I took a few snaps and we ran into my friends Nic and Orsola, who were out on a date night and wondering if cool bars existed in Chatswood.

They sure do!

I recommended one up the street – OK, possibly the only one – called The Avenue.

I felt like such a cool knowledge bank.


The youngest also managed to squeeze in a party at Skyzone. It’s one of those trampolining places where the decibel levels of children’s screams are off the scale.

Intense … and a little too far away to allow me to return home during the two hours of festivities.

So I went in gym gear, with the best intentions of going for a nice, long walk while I waited for pick-up. But then I realised I was a hop and a skip from one of Sydney’s trendiest foodie locations, The Grounds, so I wandered over there instead.

It turns out there’s not much difference between Skyzone and The Grounds, the former just substitutes veggie patches for foam pits.

The Grounds was heaving with prams and pets and children and tourists and fruity drinks in mason jars and noise.

It wasn’t my favourite, but it was pretty. And it served Captain Chook burgers – crispy buttermilk chicken with fennel slaw and jalepeno aioli on a pretzel bun. So I perched on the edge of a garden bed scoffing one as I watched every man and his dog take selfies.

I’d been a bit worried that my Aldi gym gear and Target hoodie would be too trashy for the joint, but everyone from total dags to the super cool were in shoulder-to-shoulder attendance so I blended in just fine.

About 20 minutes at The Grounds did me.

Here are some pics I took before I hoofed it:


Back at Skyzone, one of the other party mums joyously hugged me like a long-lost friend. Another mum said “Oh! Do you two know each other?” And she said yes and I was like, er, no, but I was too polite to say so.

I swear I’ve never seen her before in my life. Please let Alzheimer’s not be kicking in.

The weekend ended beside DD’s fire pit with a glass of chardy, admiring the full moon. Glorious.

And, finally, the youngest’s new GoFundMe video is up:

Hope your weekend was a goodie.


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