Best brunch EVER

OK, that title isn’t entirely true. The best brunch ever would include DD at the table … but this was a pretty close second. One of my workmates couldn’t go to a tasting that Jansz – a Tasmanian sparkling wine producer – had organised at the Intercontinental Hotel at Double Bay yesterday, so I took […]

Totally horrified

The youngest convinced me to let her have a bottle of iced vanilla latte while we were doing our grocery shopping at Woolies the other day. “Don’t tell your father!” I hissed. I was a bit worried it was poor parenting to give a 12-year-old a coffee drink. The youngest enjoyed the iced coffee drink, […]

Women who whisky

My friend Claudia and I had a lovely catch up at the Chivas Masters last night. The Chivas Masters is a cocktail-making competition that requires bartenders to create two fabulous drinks containing Chivas Regal whisky. It was held at Pernod Ricard’s swish Barangaroo headquarters. They’re waaaaay up on something like the 43rd floor, with floor-to-ceiling […]

That’s the way you do it

I try to be a good co-parent, but my sister totally blows me out of the water. She took part in the Mother’s Day Classic yesterday with her husband, her son and his half-brother, her ex-husband and his wife. Here’s a photograph of them having a group hug afterwards: How bloody fantastic is that? Everyone […]

I’d never wish that on my child

I can’t get Mary-Kate Olsen’s face out of my mind. Ever since I saw the Olsen twins posing dourly at the Met Gala I’ve been a bit haunted by her. How does someone look that wan and sad and old at just 31? I hadn’t given the Olsen twins much thought until the youngest started […]

I did it again!

Yesterday was MAD. And exhausting. And often wonderful. It started at 6.30am, when I herded the kids out of bed for school. Actually, no. It started at 1am when I heard loud talking coming from the eldest’s room. The eldest couldn’t sleep and had decided to call a friend for a chat on speaker phone. […]

Did you think I’d crumble?

An article called “How to Survive Your 40s” popped into my Facebook feed yesterday and gave me a little fright. I thought “ooooh, some life advice!” then suddenly remembered I’ve moved into the “How to Survive Your 50s” years. Slow, deep breaths. I decided to read it anyway to see if it struck any retrospective […]

That’s a bit random

An interior designer who is besties with half of Hollywood just followed me on Instagram. Random. I was so suss when I saw the message on my phone. I thought it had to be the latest Insta scam … now all those follows from porn stars and lovelorn men with weird Insta handles have ebbed […]

A time for every purpose

I ate the most divine morsels on Sunday night. They were called “Spanner Crab Tacos” – spanner crab with coconut on a “crispy espresso crepe”. Totally freaking amazing. They are definitely on my most memorable dishes list. I once possessed an almost photographic memory of culinary moments in my life journey. Among the favourites were […]

Feeling jumpy

Go Team Teal! What an awesome weekend at the NSW/ACT State Skipping Championships. Also a stressful one for this anxious mum … When DD offered me a bite of his sausage sandwich after the youngest’s Double Dutch performance, my hands were shaking so much I had to turn him down. It had tomato sauce and […]