I did it again!

Yesterday was MAD. And exhausting. And often wonderful.

It started at 6.30am, when I herded the kids out of bed for school.

Actually, no. It started at 1am when I heard loud talking coming from the eldest’s room.

The eldest couldn’t sleep and had decided to call a friend for a chat on speaker phone.

I was – as Queen Vic would say – not amused.

The eldest left a note after I’d stomped off apologising for being too loud. Being too loud was SO NOT what I was unamused about.

DD and I had a little altercation about it later in the day. He’s totes fine with 14-year-olds having 1am conversations.

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject.

At 8am I settled myself in a Milson’s Point coffee shop to wait for the editor of Drinks Trade to have a chinwag about the comms plan for the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards.  I was a little early so I had the first of too many strong flat whites …

At 11am, I hooned to The Drinks Association office to schedule my weekly Drinks Bulletin newsletter.

At 12.15pm I hooned to the Northern Beaches for my second Thursday half-day off in two weeks.

I was powerless to resist when the weather app told me it was going to be 26C. On May 10! A swim was definitely in order.

The sky was the most divine shade of blue and the clouds were like something out of a painting, so I lay in the sand clicking away …


Unfortunately, we chose a beach where the waves were slamming very close to shore and I got totalled several times. On the third totalling I tore a muscle in my calf and flailed about in the water  squealing a lot.

It was at that point DD decided it was time to abandon the surf and take me to a coffee shop for a piccolo and half a chocolate donut thingy.

I almost felt like a local as I limped into the coffee shop in my bikini with sandy bare feet!

Then I hooned to the local fruit shop to buy lasagne for the kids because I was going out for a drink with an old friend.

I had to pull over several times along the way to admire the amazing sunset.

By 6.30pm I was nibbling on delicious arancini and sweet potato wedges at The Foxtrot Inn and having a lovely chatterfest.

I ordered a cocktail, which is very unlike me, but wine doesn’t do well on The Drinks Association Instagram page.


And then I made my weary way home to roll chicken wraps for school lunches.

Today is another killer. I’ve been awake since 4.30am worrying the alarm won’t go off. I need to be at Barangaroo at 7am for a Women in Drinks breakfast … and I’ve forgotten to do a test run on erecting the banner.

Wish me luck!

Song of the day: Natalie Merchant “Wonder”



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