That’s the way you do it

I try to be a good co-parent, but my sister totally blows me out of the water.

She took part in the Mother’s Day Classic yesterday with her husband, her son and his half-brother, her ex-husband and his wife.

Here’s a photograph of them having a group hug afterwards:

How bloody fantastic is that?

Everyone headed to her place post-race for bacon and egg rolls before going their separate Mother’s Day ways.

I really admire their dedication to putting “family” first.

These days “family” is rarely that traditional nuclear unit. There are often step-parents and half siblings and new extended families thrown into the mix.

And adapting to the changes can be tricky.

But my sister has chosen to embrace the positives – she adores her ex-husband’s toddler and even eagerly puts her hand up when he needs a babysitter.

It is soooooo much nicer for everyone, especially the kids, that they all get along.

I’m not sure why my sister and I are so pragmatic about our marriage break ups. But I’m a big fan of giving peace a chance if you possibly can.

At the State Skipping Championships, the youngest’s primary school teacher – who came along to spectate, god bless her – noted (again) that my husband and I were the most amicable exes she’d ever met in her teaching career.

She laughed as she recalled my daughter complaining that we talk too much whenever her dad picks her up from my place.

I replied: “She’s so lucky she doesn’t understand how awful the alternative would be.”

This meme popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday – it pretty much sums up my philosophy:

A few hours after the Mother’s Day Classic, I landed at my sister’s place with my kids, a bottle of Moet and a couple of shoulders of slow-roasted lamb. My Mum and Dad were there for the weekend. DD brought his mum and a casserole of cauliflower cheese. He makes an awesome cauliflower cheese.

It was a lovely way for everyone to spend the day.

How was your Sunday?

Song of the day: John Lennon “Give peace a chance”

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