Totally horrified

The youngest convinced me to let her have a bottle of iced vanilla latte while we were doing our grocery shopping at Woolies the other day.

“Don’t tell your father!” I hissed.

I was a bit worried it was poor parenting to give a 12-year-old a coffee drink.

The youngest enjoyed the iced coffee drink, but had trouble finishing it and left the dregs in the fridge when we got home.

A few days later, I tipped the bottle out in the sink and heard a large clunking noise.

I looked down and THIS was lying there …

Yep, a piece of jagged, broken, glass bottle.

I was totally horrified.

What if it had fallen into her mouth? What if there were glass shards in the drink?

I emailed both Woolies and the manufacturer to alert them … I was worried about what had happened to the rest of the bottle.

Woolies had trouble contacting me because I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers – the youngest somehow got me added to every dodgy marketing list in the world. I get at least one call a day from some stranger asking to speak to her.

Drives me freaking bats. At one point I started answering and yelling at them, but it was interfering with my zen so I just ignore the calls now.

Anyways Woolies apologised and asked lots of questions to try and ascertain if I was a scam artist.

And then they said they’d send me a $30 gift card to make it up to me.

A $30 gift card.

Last of the big spenders.

The youngest had been hoping for enough compensation to buy a spa.

Anyways, they are sending me a special specimen box so I can return the offending drink container and piece of broken glass to be examined by head office.

As for the manufacturer, all I got from them was a brief “sorry” email message.

I’m a bit disappointed in that too. Not that I expected extravagant compensation, but a circumspect email seems a little low key considering there was a JAGGED PIECE OF BOTTLE IN MY DAUGHTER’S DRINK.

They didn’t even check that she was OK.

A few people suggested Cor de Coco could have at least sent me a case of the stuff. I’m not sure I want a case of the stuff if it’s manufactured in a factory that allows chunks of hazardous materials to land in their products.

Cor de Coco is off my shopping list.

Have you ever had an experience like this? What did the manufacturer do about it?

Song of the day: Rob Thomas “Pieces”


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  1. When alex was little we got a stuffed toy with a maccas happy meal. When he squished it a sewing needle stuck in his hand & pulled out of the toy. Maccas said the quality control was too good where these were made, so couldnt have happened, but in good faith offered us 1 of the whole collection of stuffed toys… they were told where to stuff their offer…

  2. Glad your daughter is ok! That would’ve been a nasty shock. About 10 years ago I found a nail (not a finger nail but an actual long metal nail) in a packaged cereal bar! I rang/emailed the manufacturer and we got an apology and another box of cereal bars! No thanks…

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