Shake, shake, shake

Back when DD travelled waaaaaay too much for work, his ritual when he landed in a new city was to order a margarita at a bar.

I’ve never considered myself a tequila fan, but last night changed my mind about his favourite cocktail.

Remember how I thought I had a virtual tequila tasting on Tuesday and got it wrong? Well, I got it right yesterday.

The Zoom session was for a brand called Tequila Tromba. It was launched by two Aussies and a Canadian who met in Guadalajara, Mexico, back in 2005 and developed a love of pure agave based tequila. They set out on a mission to turn people from shots with lemon and salt to sipping and savouring the good stuff.

They partnered with a Master Distiller called Marco Cedano and his son Rodrigo. Rodrigo is a lovely bloke – he hosted the tasting session from his living room in Mexico and ran us through Tromba’s Blanco, Reposado and Anejo tequilas.

I’ve also never considered myself to be someone who sips spirits straight, but Tromba was actually quite mellow, palatable and filled with flavour.

It’s International Tequila Day on Saturday, so the Tromba team gave us some recipes to try after the session.

The youngest is super bored in lockdown, so I showed poor parental judgement and got her to shake me up one of the recipes. I have a growing collection of cocktail-making paraphernalia gathering dust on my drinks trolley, which has been sent to me by various drinks brands. I’m up to about five shakers now, in addition to various other silver doodads.

The recipe I chose was for a Tommy’s Margarita, which is regarded by many bartenders as the highest form of the famed cocktail.

It was created by the beverage manager at Tommy’s Mexican restaurant in San Francisco – Julio Bermejo – who I interviewed back in 2019.

He told me that the main difference between a regular margarita and the Tommy’s version is that the latter uses agave syrup instead of the usual triple sec. The proportion of the recipe is also key – 2-1-1 … Two parts is 100% agave tequila, one-part is hand-squeezed lime juice and one part is agave syrup.

My local Harris Farm didn’t have agave syrup – what the actual? I thought they were the home of the expensive and unusual. But my local IGA stocked the stuff. Go figure.

I told the youngest to go easy on the tequila and went for 1-1-1 proportions, it being a school night and all. The cocktail was DELICIOUS. She made one for DD too, who popped over to try my new family favourite recipe – gnocchi and sausage bake. He also brought me a sample of some bread he baked.

The gnocchi bake was also DELICIOUS. I’ll post the recipe on the blog tomorrow. I’m about to toast a slice of DD’s bread for my brekkie.

The youngest is now considering doing hospitality as a subject for the HSC, so she can study sports physio at uni by day and work in a bar at night.

As for mixology leading the kids astray .. both had tiny sips of my margarita and declared it disgusting. So I won’t have to worry about them raiding the drinks trolley while I’m out.

Actually, “out” is off the agenda during this interminable lockdown, so the tequila is safe anyway – I spend every day tapping at my computer two metres away from the trolley. Good luck sneaking anything off it without me seeing.

OK, bring on the Groundhog Day weekend, which will be virtually identical to last weekend. Lots of walking, a trip to Woolies for supplies and eating far too much comfort eating. Oh … and sipping another Tommy’s Margarita to celebrate International Tequila Day.


Song of the day: The Champs “Tequila”

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