I wouldn’t change a thing

DD had a few issues with yesterday’s blog post about Anthony LaPaglia marrying a woman 30 years younger than him. He felt I was too one sided and didn’t acknowledge that the young women who marry the oldet men are complicit. “It’s not just the MEN,” he wrote as we waged a bit of text […]

Feeling sorry for the ex

I haven’t given much thought to Anthony La Paglia since he yelled and yelled at me when I was editor of Woman’s Day. But he was top of mind yesterday when my sister texted to let me know he’d married his 29-year-old girlfriend Alexandra. Anthony is 59. I did some Googling and discovered the pair have […]

That was quick

I was steeling myself for a night of abstinence – from food, wine and fun – as I drove to pick the kids up from art class/skipping last night. I’d been so good all day. Well, my co-worker Michelle convinced me to have one of the little Malaysian cheese and pineapple tarts she’d baked. I […]

Trying to be good

Confession: I really didn’t like how I looked in the photos at Megz’s birthday party on Saturday night. I was so … ample. Some serious filtering and cropping took place before there was a pic I was prepared to publish. It seems the green-eyed maven I see in the mirror doesn’t translate to the digital […]

Getting back together

A long, long time ago, waaaaaaaaaay back when I was a weird kid with a spiral perm and braces on my teeth AND my jeans, I hung out with three mates called Trace, Megz and Mon. Megz had her “40+ Postage & Handling Birthday” party (she’s in denial about the big 5-0) on Saturday night, and […]