Getting back together

A long, long time ago, waaaaaaaaaay back when I was a weird kid with a spiral perm and braces on my teeth AND my jeans, I hung out with three mates called Trace, Megz and Mon.

Megz had her “40+ Postage & Handling Birthday” party (she’s in denial about the big 5-0) on Saturday night, and the gang were reunited after spending more than 30 years apart.

Here are our before and after pics:

Oooh I was a skinny little thing!

We didn’t recreate our high school poses, or even stand in the same order, but you get the general idea.

I’ve kept in regular contact with Megz and Trace over the years, but I reckon I was still a teenager the last time I hugged Mon.

Megz is the baby of the group, so we’ve all joined the 50 club now. How the hell did that happen? 50!

I didn’t think I was going to make it to the party – it’s so freaking hard to get away with dogs and kids to wrangle. But I managed to pull a few favours and talked DD into making the last-minute trek with me.

We arrived in Newie just after sunset on Saturday night. DD was starving after spending the day digging fence post holes at his new place, so I was tasked with finding us a quickie dinner venue.

I only get to Newie about twice a year, so I had no freaking idea. Then I had a brainwave and got him to turn off at Lambton, as I’d been to a pub there with the D&K bridal party mob.

We wandered into the Lambton Park Hotel and had a delicious meal – DD’s bourbon marinated pork chop with chilli mac ‘n’ cheese was very yum.

Then we checked into our city hotel and hoofed out to the Town Hall Hotel in Waratah for Megz’s birthday bash, which was not-so-concidentally also the pub’s monthly karaoke night.

Megz loves karaoke. The rest of the old gang, not so much.

The last time I was at the Town Hall Hotel – about eight years ago – I asked for a glass of wine at the bar and the laconic barmaid drawled: “Riesling or moselle?”

Moselle??!! Er, I’ll have a riesling, thanks.

It came out of a cask and was a bit eau de paint stripper.

They have bottles of wine at the Town Hall Hotel now, very posh. DD was most relieved, as I’d told him the moselle story on the way there. They also had some pretty amazing amateur singers grabbing the mike.

DD, despite being a secret crooner, decided to sit quietly at the bar, while I loudly caught up with my old mates.

Happy birthday Megz!

The next morning, DD and I drove to Nobby’s and Bar Beach on a mini coffee shop crawl.

Such glorious views, Newcastle is a beauty.

Then we headed to lunch with my mum and dad – and DD’s sister and husband, who happened to be driving through on their way home up north – at Pippi’s At The Point, overlooking gorgeous Lake Macquarie. It turned out to be an unexpectedly raucous affair, with the chicks sipping chardy and chatting up a storm.

As DD and I drove home afterwards, we couldn’t quite believe we’d squeezed so much into just 24 hours.

But no rest for the wicked … the moment I got home I took the dogs for a sunset walk.

Such a big, busy, lovely weekend.

How was yours?

Song of the day: Tina Turner “Nutbush City Limits” (no one sang it at karaoke, but it played every high school dance!)




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  1. Thanks sooo much for coming! Was thinking it would have been 32 yrs since we 4 were all 2gether, but then that made me think how old that makes me… lol… not.50.for.5.days.yet! Hahahaha
    Was secretly hoping DD would get up & sing. Dingy pub still, uneven floor, but gr8 accoustics & karaoke set up & the food was actually amazing!!. Were u still there when chris got drunk enough to sing to me (as a special birthday treat) that old benny hill cllassic ‘ernie – he drove the fastest milk cart in the west’? I have it on video, it was so special i almost got a tear in my eye… lol

    Btw – the top pic on this blog i took of u so we cld get chris evans in the background – we were never obvious or anything… lol

    1. Damn I missed your serenade! And yes, Chris Evans in the background … I think he might also be in the school fence shot in his little grey Stubbies

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